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5 Things You’ll Need When Your Little One Turns 6 months – Must Read if You Are a New Parent

 5 Things You’ll Need When Your Little One Turns 6 months – Must Read if You Are a New Parent

Every new parent wants the best for their little one whether it comes to clothes, bathing products, and accessories, etc. being a first-time parent, I was also going through the same. I understand the struggling phase of new parents who give all the priority to kids above them. Here, I’m with a few product suggestions. I myself have used it for my little one and it will be helpful for you also to choose the best.

These products have made my motherhood journey much easier. As you know, now my little one is 20 months old. The main idea is to help the new parents who're struggling with what to shop for their kids. Making the investment in your child's growth would be the best investment ever.

It'll have them strengthen their sensory skills, fine-motor skills, and cognitive skills, etc.

  1. Chair Booster

First, please understand, the chair is important for our kids. Once they start sitting, they learn many things along. Eating is always an adventure for little ones especially when they’re learning to self-feed.

Mostly, the baby starts sitting when they turn six months old. it is every parent's concern that how to build a sitting habit in their kids? It's always advisable to make them sit for sometimes in a day. A new mother allows her child to self-feeding and to create a mess. So, I did the same.

I introduced this booster chair when she turned six months and guess what? she loved reading, eating, and playing on it. slowly, she cultivated a routine of sitting for at least a minimum of half an hour in a day.

Note: You can start using it when your little one starts sitting on his/her own and supports their spine. This product has reduced my tension as I don’t have to sit with her all the time. But I keep the food on the tray and rest I leave it to her to make all the efforts.

Age: 6 months to 3 years

Why and how is it beneficial for your little ones:

  • To introduce self-feed to the little one
  • To support their spine and body language
  • Allows your child to sit directly at the table with the rest of the family.
  • They feel comfortable
  • They strict with their meal schedule
  • They learn etiquette and social skills
  • They can do activities like reading, painting, and coloring, etc.
  • It fits most of the chairs
  • It can be taken quickly to any restaurant, park, traveling, etc.
  • dishwasher-safe feeding tray
  • An adjustable strap is there to make the child safe and secure
  • It’s easy to carry as it is Light-weighted
  • Cheaper than high chairs
  • They take up less space than high chairs.
kindly note that high chairs are different from chair booster. High chairs come along with tables in many varieties whereas chair booster comes with the tray which can only be tightened with the chairs.

2.Laugh and Learn Tablet

Age: 6 months to 3 years

Color: Multicolor

Brand name: fisher-price

When the baby turns six months old, it’s the right time to introduce them to the music world. I loved this electronic learning tablet with music because it has the perfect sound volume for the little one. Thus, it is neither loud nor quiet. It introduces first letters like “A” “B". when the baby will press button A it creates the sound of words like “a for Apple,” “b for Boy,” etc. And third, it introduces their sounds. For example, if someone is eating an apple, so ‘the sound of bite’ turns on.

When the child presses the button, it helps him/her to improve their fine-motor skills. It’s easy to use and handy. It can be carried in a women’s handbag easily. It's best to engage the little one in some useful learning. It has also got a lot of music,  phrases, and fun sounds. To add a little fun to it, the tablet screen will light up along the songs and phrases.

I love the reaction on my little one's face when she wonders how the light is up. Oops! just by pressing the button. Haha!

3. Baby Touch Flip-Flap Book

This is one of my favorite books from all the baby’s book collections. What I appreciate about the book is it has a lot of textures to be touched and felt by the babies who are 3 months plus.

This improves their sensory skills. They experience different textures which are soft, fluffy, glitter, stripes, and different shapes like square, round, triangle, etc.

The book depicts a story that makes it easy for the parents to teach their kids. The baby touch book is highly recommendable, especially for infants.

It'will help them to improve their wrist movement as well while flipping the book pages. The book is available in board book format.


4. First Block

Image Source: Amazon.in

The box has different colors and shapes of blocks like square, round, and triangle. It’ll help them to improve their fine motor skills where eye-hand coordination is used. 

An infant picks up one block and tries to fix it by putting it into the desired shape. A parent can engage his infant well in this type of activity while they’re working. What you just need to do is- just make your kid sit on the chair and give the box.

He/she will definitely fall in love with the process of playing with the blocks. This will enhance their problem-solving and thinking skills too. This is a must-buy for infants who want to be engaged in an activity.

The box activity has really made my princess smarter and now she recognizes it's shapes and colors well. 

5. Rock-a-Stack


Age: 6 months to 2 years

Who doesn't love to get attracted by colorful? 

This is another common and mostly used stacking toy by the infants once they’re 6 months plus. Different colors of rings make it attractive for them to place the rings. It enhances their fine motor skills and will learn different sizes of the rings.

The funny part is when kids wear these rings in their hands and roam around everywhere. HAHA! They enjoy it to the fullest. However, this is highly recommended for improving the infant's visual development. It can be carried easily anywhere.

Happy Parenting!!!

To see the little one growing, that feels like a treat to the eyes.

Do share what all toys you have found the best for your
little one? which one is their favorite?

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  4. 70+ years ago when our children were getting 6 months we did not have so many options. But I did let them play in the pig pen. Our sows loved the little ones crawling around like their piglets.
    They took naps under the pickup on a blanket while I was in the field irrigating. ~~smile

  5. This write-up has actually given me the accurate way as to how to proceed with my 6+ month baby.. I was really clueless that these items are so very necessary for my child right at this day. Thank you so much for this blog!!:)

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  7. Play is central to your child’s learning and development. When your child plays, it gives them lots of different ways and times to learn.

    Right kind of toys and accessories will definitely help them

    to build confidence, feel loved, happy and safe develop social skills, language and communication, learn about caring for others and the environment, develop physical skills.