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Sunday, August 27, 2023

5 Tips to Reduce Screen Time in Kids


5 Tips to Reduce Screen Time in Kids


The term "screen time" describes how much time a person spends using electronic devices with screens, such as computers, televisions, gaming consoles, cellphones, and tablets. It covers things like watching movies, playing video games, surfing the web, accessing social media, texting, and more.


Depending on how it is used and the information being consumed, screen time can have both positive and negative consequences. For instance, interactive learning platforms, online courses, and instructional apps can all offer worthwhile educational opportunities. On the other hand, excessive screen time, particularly when combined with improper or non-educational content, can have a negative impact on social interactions, sleep patterns, and children's and teenagers' social development as well as their physical and mental health.


"As a parent myself, I make an effort to keep my child occupied with a variety of activities. I make an effort to get her involved in a variety of activities, including reading, writing, coloring, dancing, and story-telling. Despite the fact that they have a number of apps and access to appropriate YouTube videos for their age. The table below shows the recommended screen time for each age group, and it's equally crucial."  


 Here's a chart summarizing the recommended screen time durations for different age groups:

Age Group

Recommended Screen Time Duration


0-18 months

Not recommended except for video chatting

Prioritize real-world interactions.

18-24 months

Up to 30 minutes of high-quality content

Co-view and engage during screen time.

2-5 years

Up to 1 hour of educational content

Choose age-appropriate, interactive content.

6-12 years

1-2 hours of recreational screen time

Encourage a balanced mix of activities.

13-18 years

Responsible management and balance

Prioritize school, social interaction, and other activities.


Keep in mind that these suggestions are basic advice that can be modified depending on specific situations. The value of quality and education should take precedence over the amount of screen time. All children, regardless of age, may develop good screen habits with the aid of open communication and clear boundaries.

For children's overall health and development, it's crucial to limit their screen time.

Here are five ideas to assist you in achieving this objective:

1. Create a Positive Influence

Children frequently imitate the behavior of adults. It is more difficult for kids to comprehend the value of limiting screen time if they observe you spending a lot of time on screens. Set a good example for others by using screens in a healthy way.


2. Set Up Screen-Free Hours and Zones

 Set aside a few places in your house as screen-free zones, like the dining room and the bedrooms. Establish times during the day when screens are prohibited, such as before bedtime, during homework, and during meals. This promotes social interaction and alternate activities.


3. Provide Alternate Activities

 It offers a selection of entertaining activities free of screens. Encourage reading, puzzles, board games, crafts, outdoor play, arts and crafts, and other pastimes that foster creativity, physical activity, and cognitive growth.


4. Use Screen Time Wisely

 When using a screen, make sure the material is high-quality, age-appropriate, and informative. Choose instructional apps, documentaries, or interactive learning platforms that can constructively engage children's minds as opposed to mindless entertainment.


5. Set Your Kid’s Screen Time Limits

 Use parental controls and screen time management tools to limit your child's screen time each day. These capabilities are available on various operating systems and devices, allowing you to manage and keep a check on how much time you spend on screens. Reduce screen time restrictions gradually over time to aid children in adjusting


What is Happinetz? 


Happinetz is a safe internet for kids box that connects to your home router wired or wirelessly. Once connected, it creates a separate WiFi which filters out age-inappropriate internet and helps you set screen time schedules for devices connected to this WiFi. Happinetz continuously monitors more than 110 million websites and apps and is preconfigured to block more than 22 million adult and unsecured websites.

Some features include:

  • Exhaustive filtering system
  • Customizable internet schedule
  • Insight to help parents monitor what websites & apps children are opening
  • Quick setup: A quick 2 step-5 minutes process
  • Zero kid involvement: No need to download apps on your child's device
  • Device compatibility: Connect up to 10 devices, including Android or iOS phones, tablets, laptops, and smart TVs.


This post is a part of Happinetz - Safe Internet For Kids 

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Let's discuss how much screen time do you give to your kids? Also, 

What do you do to reduce their screen time?

Saturday, June 24, 2023

Saregama Carvaan Mini Kids - Designed for Kids


Saregama Carvaan Mini Kids -

 Designed for Kids

The concept of a " Saregama Mini Carvaan" is specifically designed for kids. It's really popular with my toddler, who uses it in all kinds of ways. My toddler makes use of it while she eats, dances, sleep, etc. The best thing about Mini Carvaan is that it already has pre-recorded educational resources like rhymes, stories, mantras, tables, etc.

Ratings: 8.5*/10

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There are buttons for volume control. It can be linked to the phone using a Bluetooth connection. The battery life is also excellent. It is convenient to transport while traveling and encourages your little one to spend at least a short period of time away from screens. Let’s get to know about this kid-friendly product more in detail.


It has four distinct modes. This allows for simple choices based on your child's mood and needs.


 Rhymes, Stories, Learning, and Mantras.

1    1. The Rhymes mode offers 80+ famous English and Hindi rhymes to teach your child, such as Humpty Dumpty, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Ringa Ringa Roses, Jack & Jill, Twinkle Twinkle, Chanda Mama Aao Naa, Lakdi ki Kaathi, Akad, Bakad Bambe Bo, and many more.


2.2. Stories- Children typically envision more vividly when they are listening rather than seeing. Give your child's imagination wings by simply telling stories and allowing your youngster to think, visualize, and explore a whole new world of storytelling. This mode includes 300+ English and Hindi stories such as Panchtantra, Akbar & Birbal, Fairy Tales, Mythology, Lord Ganesha, and many more.



3.   Learning- With its 15+ pre-loaded and curated content library, it helps your youngster learn Phonetics, Days of the Week, Months of the Year, Numbers, Tables, and so on.


4.   Mantras- It includes 33+ mantras and devotional songs for your youngster to sing along with and learn, like Om Shanti mantra, Gayatri mantra, Hanuman Chalisa, Sai Dhun, and others.


Here are a few suggestions on how it is useful for your kids.

1. Kid-friendly content

2. Educational resources

3. Easy-to-use

4. Connects to any Bluetooth device

5. Built-In Safety Features

6. Screen-free Alternative

7. Parental Involvement


1. Kid-friendly content:

The Saregama Carvaan Mini Kids has been specifically designed to provide children with age-appropriate (2 to 10 years) content. It offers a broad mix of songs, nursery rhymes, and stories that have been carefully chosen to appeal to young listeners. The content focuses on popular children's songs, ensuring that children may enjoy music that is relevant to their interests and preferences.


2. Educational resources:

 In addition to providing enjoyment, the Carvaan Mini Kids also functions as an educational tool. It provides a variety of instructional tools, such as learning songs, educational rhymes, and informational audio content. These materials help with cognitive development, language acquisition, and early learning skills. The content's interactive design allows children to actively engage and learn while having fun.


3. Easy to Use:

The Carvaan Mini Kids is designed for ease of use, allowing youngsters to operate it independently. It includes simple controls and buttons that are suitable for young children.


4. Connects to any Bluetooth device:

The Carvaan Mini Kids allows you to connect with other Bluetooth-enabled devices. Children can use this function to stream music or audio content from their smartphones, tablets, or other Bluetooth devices. It goes beyond the preloaded content to provide a more personalized and adaptable listening experience.


5 Built-in Safety Features:

Saregama prioritizes children's safety when using the Carvaan Mini Kids. The tablet includes built-in safety safeguards to provide a safe environment for young users.

6. Screen-free Alternative:

In a world dominated by screens, the Carvaan Mini Kids provides a refreshing screen-free option for enjoyment and learning. It helps kids to engage their auditory senses, promote creativity, and limit screen time by eliminating the need for screens. This encourages a more healthy and balanced approach to entertainment.


7. Parental Involvement:

 The Carvaan Mini Kids promotes parental participation in their child's musical journey. Parents can actively participate by exploring the preloaded content with their children, singing along, or even recording and playing back their own voices. This shared experience deepens the parent-child link while also providing possibilities for interactive learning and valuable time spent together.

There is a unique feature known as Loop. Whatever your child enjoys hearing over and again, simply hit the loop button at the top, and it will begin playing in repeat mode.


It charges with a Type C charger and includes a 4-hour battery backup. So charge it once and pass it over to the child to play with without worrying about charging it again.

Pricing: Rs 2,990 on Amazon

Although the price is a bit steep. In my opinion, I can assure you that it is worthwhile to purchase. Consider it an investment, especially throughout your child's early years. Overall, it's a fantastic device that parents may utilize at the same time. On my recent trip to Nainital, I used this as a Bluetooth speaker and really liked the sound quality.

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