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Imperfect Parenting Book Review


Book:  Imperfect Parenting – Honest Stories from Global Parents

Author: Jayne Ruff, Aarthi Prabhakaran and Co-Authors

Genre: Non-fiction (Parenting)

Publisher: Let’s author

Pages: 171

Rating: 4*/5

Reading Time for the blog: 3 minutes

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Q. What are some surprises or joys you've discovered in parenthood?


Q. In what ways have your parenting techniques evolved or changed over time?


Q. What lessons have you learned about patience, resilience, or flexibility through parenthood?


Q. How do you approach balancing work, family, and personal time in your daily life?


Are you and your spouse considering these kinds of questions frequently, as recent or experienced parents? If so, you're on the right blog.


About The Author: Jayne Ruff, Aarthi Prabhakaran and Co-Authors


Jayne Ruff lives in London with her husband and two children. Originally from Scotland, she is an Occupational Psychologist working with global teams through organizational development and change. She is also the founder of coaching and development consultancy – Parenting Point- and she is passionate about supporting people as they navigate working parenthood. 


Aarthi Prabhakaran has 20+ years of multi-faceted experience in providing consulting to EdTech Start-ups, Integrative Counseling & and Community Development, impacting new-age entrepreneurs, and diverse student and family populations. She is pursuing her passion in Counselling Psychology, she runs an exclusive life skills program-ChangeMakers-for teens and young adults, to inculcate the aspects of problem-solving, holistic well-being, and being a learner for life like herself.


About The Book


The title of the book, "Imperfect Parenting," convinced me to read it. As a parent myself, I am constantly looking for information on how to do my parenting well. I just hope I don't miss anything and have regrets later on. And here I found this relatable book written by all the parents who have shared their honest journeys globally. They have imparted knowledge to other parents and imparted lessons learned from their experiences.


Undoubtedly, becoming a parent is the greatest blessing, yet one size does not suit all.  Nothing exists (book, teacher, podcast, etc.) that instructs us on how to paint a picture correctly. It simply happens as you have experienced. Being a parent is an ongoing learning process. Especially during the early years, a parent has a lot on their plate.


I like that the book's author concentrated on teaching us how to parent ourselves before we parent our kids. When we are with our children, we must always be mindful.

The book's title fits the content, which is that children only need love, care, and guidance—things that only parents can provide—instead of large toys, expensive presents, or a lot of other material possessions.


Never forget that once they're young and can make their own decisions, they will mirror what you did as parents. Thus, never pass up the opportunity to spend time with your child. It's during their formative years that they need you the most. I hope this book will also provide you with a wealth of guidance and recommendations for what to do and what not to do.


Note: Learning from other parents' experiences might help you become wiser, but it's always smarter to follow your heart. Though none of the co-authors have written a how-to manual or practical manual, they have all shared their own unique parenting experiences. Please refrain from reading it as a tale. These are the genuine tales.


 Who the book is for?

• For those parents, raising their children in a society that frequently places an importance on perfection.

• Looking for a sensible and understanding mentor.

• By accepting flaws during the parenting process


Why should you read it?

  • ·      Planned out chapters with straightforward explanations
  • ·      Setting healthy boundaries with the kids.
  • ·      Improving communication between parents and their children



Learning From The Book 

·      Useful advice on helping your child if they approach you    

·      How to take care of and be loving to a child that has special needs

·      Improvement in your parenting experience.


"Having a sibling is crucial for a lasting bond and plays a significant role in raising a child, as I am a mother of a five-year-old. This book discusses a useful method for teaching children as they are growing up in the digital age to preserve a positive parent-child bond.”


 The main thing about this book that I admire is that parents in the modern era are more conscious of how they are raising their children. Every parent wants to raise their children to provide them with a better upbringing and a better world.


Favourite lines from the book “ I imagine the adults we becoming and the adults our children will become. What a beautiful community we will be. What a beautiful community we are.”


If you ask me about my favorite chapter from the book, I must say each chapter has a unique message to convey. There is no repition. Every chapter is loaded with lots of personal experiences and knowledgeable content that, You’ll feel like reading again and again to understand it better. You will undoubtedly come away from the book feeling moved as well as with plenty of new understanding for your parenting journey.


What’re you waiting for? Grab your copy now and start your beautiful adventure of parenthood.

If you're seeking guidance or have a specific question related to imperfect parenting, feel free to share your thoughts or concerns in the comment box below.


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Wednesday, January 17, 2024

AquaSuite RO: Celebrating the Milestone of 10,000+ Happy Customers


AquaSuite RO: Celebrating the Milestone of 10,000+ Happy Customers


In the world of water purification, reaching and surpassing the 10,000-customer mark is a big achievement. AquaSuite RO, with its unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, has proudly crossed this threshold. This blog post celebrates this significant milestone and explores the journey that led to the trust and loyalty of over 10,000 customers.

A Testament to Quality and Trust

AquaSuite RO’s journey began with a simple yet powerful vision: to provide safe, clean, and accessible drinking water to households and businesses. Over the years, this vision turned into a reality for thousands, thanks to the company's innovative technology and customer-centric approach.

The Power of Word-of-Mouth

A significant portion of AquaSuite RO's growth can be attributed to word-of-mouth referrals. Satisfied customers became advocates for the brand, sharing their positive experiences with family, friends, and colleagues. This organic growth is a testament to the product's impact and the company's ability to exceed customer expectations.

Beyond Just a Product

Each of the 10,000 installations represents more than just a transaction; it signifies a step towards healthier living. Customers have reported improvements in water taste, quality, and overall health benefits. This positive impact on customers' daily lives has been a driving force behind the growing trust in AquaSuite RO.

AquaSuite RO’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation has played a crucial role in attracting and retaining customers. By consistently upgrading their technology and adapting to changing consumer needs, AquaSuite RO has managed to stay at the forefront of the water purification industry.

Crossing the 10,000-customer mark is just the beginning for AquaSuite RO. The company is now set on reaching new heights, expanding its reach, and continuing to innovate. The goal is to bring clean, safe drinking water to even more homes and businesses.

Friday, December 22, 2023

The Happiness Story Book Review

Book:  The Happiness Story – Unlocking the Secrets to living your Best Life

Author: Savi Sharma

Genre: Self-help

Publisher: Harper Collins

Pages: 281

Rating: 4*/5

Reading Time for the blog: 3 minutes

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Q. Are you on a never-ending quest for happiness?

Q. Do you frequently feel lost in life and unsure of how to properly organize it?


In the time that you said "Yes." Next, I have a special book for you by the renowned authot, Savi Shrma. In addition to assisting you on your path toward personal growth, the book will show you how to lead a life that is meaningful and fulfilling.


About The Author: Savi Sharma Bagrecha

Savi Sharma Bagrecha is an author, educator, a content creator and mother based out of Surat,Gujarat. The Happiness Story is her first wok of non-fiction through which she shares her learnings and experiences in search of true happiness.

Savi also runs a self-learning studio, Svadhyaya, which focuses on personalised, value- and emotion-based ways of learning and unlearning for kids and parents.


About The Book

Before we go in for a restful sleep, we crave for happiness. Every small thing matters when it comes to happiness, such as living intentionally, speaking positively, acting kindly, remembering to be appreciative, and so on.

"Whatever we're seeking outside, that is already within us," the author says, and I agree. All we have to do is acknowledge it. I think the most appealing thing about this book is the way the author has written about introspection, healing, sustainability, relationship, and living a life that is worthwhile etc.

My favourite chapter from the book is “self-love” on the page no. 81 from the book “The happiness story”. The author has thrown the light in detail on the topic self-love, why is it crucial, how it build it from within , how to maintain a relationship with yourself, and also, how to practice it on regular basis.


Who the book is for?

·      For those who feel stuck in their life.

·      Individuals going through difficult times or facing adversity.

·      Individuals on a journey of self-discovery and introspection.


Why should you read it?

·      To heal yourself

·      To set healthy boundaries

·      How to live a sustainable lifestyle

·      How living slowly allows us to re-establish our connections

Learning From The Book 

·      Practical tips on how can you work on your relationship

·      How to minimise our negative impact on the world and the planet

·      Tips for leading a thoughtful daily routine


“As a mother of a five-year-old, I can identify with the author Savi's observation that having a child has altered one's priorities in life. As parents, we frequently forget about ourselves. The book serves as a helpful reminder to focus on our mission and live a happy life. Enjoy what you're doing, and make time for yourself.”


Savi Sharma talked out about her personal experiences in an attempt to stop readers from living unintentionally. The author hopes that this nonfiction work will inspire each and every one of us to be a responsible member of society. As the mother planet provides us with so much, we all have the right to live our lives as we see it.

To sum up, The writing is straightforward and incredibly relatable. I would definitely like to carry this book with me. So, that I can read a page each day and have a productive day. This is the book I've been waiting for one that will satisfy my spirit and point me in the direction of happiness.

What’re you waiting for? Grab your copy now and start creating your “Happiness Story”.

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Tuesday, October 31, 2023

"The Ideal Entrepreneur" by Rahul Agarwal | Book Review

Book: The Ideal Entrepreneur

Author: Rahul Agarwal

Genre: Business, Entrepreneur

Pages: 204

Rating: 4*/5

Reading Time for the blog: 3 minutes

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Q. Do you plan to get ready for your start-up?

Q. Are you just starting out on your entrepreneurial journey?

If you responded "Yes" and, also if you want the best guidance, keep scrolling down.


About The Author: Rahul Aggarwal

 Rahul is a successful entrepreneur who has led his insurance broking firm, Ideal Insurance, to spectacular success. This book is a valuable beginners' guide for those who are planning to start a business - or have just taken the plunge - as Rahul takes them through the intricacies of setting up a company and the practical proven methods he followed to make it work through a combination of prudent investment, hard work and intelligent man - management.

The author, Rahul Agarwal’s book reveals the importance of the statement, “Head in the cloud and feet on the ground”.


About The Book

The Ideal Entrepreneur highlights Mr. Rahul Agarwal's entrepreneurial experience and the lessons he discovered about starting and growing businesses. This book offers aspiring and established business owners a road map for creating profitable businesses without the need for outside funding.

The Ideal Entrepreneur: An Idiot's Guide to Building a 300 Crore Company! His years of Entrepreneurial experience are all bundled up! We often find ourselves captivated by the biographies of remarkable visionaries like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, and rightly so! Their stories inspire us to dream big and push boundaries.

The success story of the book "The Ideal Entrepreneur" is not an ordinary one. It is an honest, relatable description of the author’s life journey that is based on the Marwari culture and principles that have influenced him. Rahul Agarwal offers a true glimpse into the crazy journey that is business through his successes, failures, and everything in between. This book will connect with you like no other, whether you're a budding entrepreneur, an established business expert, or just someone who enjoys a good story.

Favorite line from the book for any business person

“A business needs two things: first – a good product, and second – people should know that you have a good product.”

Who the book is for?

·     For those having a start-up idea and want to turn it into a viable start-up.

·     SMEs (Small Business Enterprises) looking to increase their business profitability and stay competitive.

·     Looking for practical tips and valuable insights

Why should you read it?

·      Acts as a guidebook for a successful business

·      Practical tips on managing costs, handling finance, and the importance of raising funds

·      How to create awareness about your business

·      Not to share all your trading secrets with anyone

Learning From The Book 

·      Applying what you've learned from Rahul Agarwal's mistakes in your own work.

·      Importance of Public relations and branding

·      A business must have standard operating procedures (SOP) in order to scale.

·      Be consistent and cultivate mental stability

Rahul Agarwal genuinely revealed his experiences to prevent readers from making the same mistakes he did. The writing is straightforward and incredibly relatable. Rahul Agarwal, the author, has shared his entrepreneurial path in this piece of writing. He has gathered his experiences and applied them to help his insurance company.

Every person he is linked with has taught him something, thus he has conveyed his gratitude to each and every one of them. That, in my opinion, is the quality of a businessperson who equally respects the ability of each member of his team.

In conclusion, the book will motivate you to act and to have the patience necessary to achieve successful results. The book also serves as a guide for overcoming all business-related difficulties and maintaining brand recognition. Etc. I wish the author could have shared an action plan for those who are a newbie to their business. Therefore, if you're looking for information or starting your entrepreneurial adventure, this book can be of use to you.


So, what’re you waiting for? Grab your copy now and start your entrepreneur journey now.

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