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Publisher: Rupa Publications

Author: Shilpa Suraj

Genre: Fiction-Romance

Pages: 204

Rating: 4*/5

Reading Time for the blog: 3 minutes

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The three main protagonists are Arnav, Ananya, and Arvin, full of flaws and admirable traits.

Ananya and Arvin Saxena have been good friends for a long time, as their families knew each other. After a brief period of courtship, when Arvin proposed marriage, Ananya was elated. But on the night of her Sangeet ceremony, she confessed to Arvin that she loves someone she met recently and would like to call off the marriage. A mishap leaves Arvin broken physically and mentally. Ananya lives with the guilt that she is the reason for Arvin’s misery.

I’ve enjoyed reading romance books for a long time. I appreciated how the author created suspense. And how the two brothers kept quiet and shared the unspoken bond of love between them, dormant amongst ego trips and misunderstandings. There was a lot of pressure on Ananya, who had to choose between her responsibilities and love. But Ananya has played a powerful role here. Ananya is one of those leading ladies who is almost perfect except for one wrong step she took. Still, I honestly could not relate to most decisions she made throughout the story – her attempt to right everyone, even if that meant sorrow for herself.

On the surface, Wrong sounds like the story of a woman who loved one brother and ended up marrying the other. Only as the story progresses is the complex maze of emotions and relationships behind the characters revealed to the reader.

While the reader may expect a scandal, passionate romance, and an extramarital affair, the story instead surprised me with family drama and sibling love. The author handles dysfunctional and toxic family traits with an equal sensibility as she handles the unflinching bond between the Saxena brothers.

Loved the book. It is not a typical love story, nor is it a story of loving one brother and marrying the other, it is a story that has so many emotions that sometimes one emotion just overshadows the other. There is friendship, professionalism, sibling love, family politics, and much more.

The narrative style is different.

The story is intriguing and kept me hooked till the last. If you’re one who loves to read about unique characters, the roles, and of course, if you love reading about romance, then this is the perfect pick for you. The author Shilpa Suraj has done great work and is looking forward to reading more books from her in the future.

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