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Book Review: Walking with your Child



Book: Walking with your child

Publisher: Notion press

Author: Seema Dhall

Genre: Non Fiction (Self-Help)

Pages: 209

Rating: 4.5*

Reading Time for the blog: 3 minutes

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Why Did I Choose This Book?



Every parent desire to see their kids grow smart and confident. The picture on the book cover captivated my attention where parents are walking with their kids through all the paths.


About The Book:

The book is divided into many small chapters based on a few short stories and the author's personal experience. The book is covering a lot of topics from which a few of my favorite are:

1.   Types of parenting on page no. 23

2.   How and why to discipline your child on page no. 95

3.   How to handle the struggles of life? On page no. 147

4.   What is the need to understand yourself as a parent etc. on page no. 201

Each chapter has its significance which is advisable to all the parents.


About the Author: Seema Dhall


The author is a homemaker and has teaching experience of sixteen years. She has written her first book based on her both personal and professional experience.


She has put in her best efforts in writing this book. The author herself understands how the role of parenting in an individual’s growth plays a crucial role in their life. So, in the same way she wants to help all the parents in their parenthood journey of life.


How Is This Book Helpful?


The book throws light on how to raise a smart and confident kid. We as parents cannot always be there for them. But we can give them the best guidance to walk confidently on the journey of their life. This book works as a guiding path for the parents on “how to walk with your kid at every phase of their life”.


Who the Book Is For?

For all the parents and teachers who want to play the best role in their kid’s life. Undoubtedly, those parents want to be remembered in their kid’s thoughts once they’re grown up. They’ll appreciate all the efforts that parents put into while raising them .


What were my Emotions while I was Going Through This Book?

Being a new and first-time parent, I am always conscious of doing the best for my kid. Sometimes, parenting makes me feel scared about whether I’ll be able to do justice to my parenting or not. But this book has helped in getting clarification about the parenting journey. It’s not done in a night but it takes so many years to get the best results.

Every single word gave me goosebumps and hope in raising a smart kid.

Learnings From The Book:

  • How to raise a sensitive kid
  • How parenting is the biggest concern nowadays
  •  Parenting is not one night job, it takes many years
  •   Have a happy-lucky-go attitude
  • How to be with kids at every stage of their life.


We as parents need to put  our child’s desires first before our own selfish needs.

So, What’re You Waiting For?

I appreciate the author’s efforts towards this book for new parents like me who need advice at every step. She has conveyed her message clearly to all the parents via this book. The Parenting journey is a long process. So, parents, make sure that you’re putting in the best efforts.


This is one of the best books I’ve read in 2020. I feel blessed to fulfill my mind with so much knowledge about parenting. I feel that the author has put in her heart to the fullest in the book to make us aware of the unknown facts of parenting. With the year ending and with a great zeal for welcoming the new year, I’m ready to challenge myself a little more in the journey of parenting?

 Are you ready?

 If not, then

 Click on the link to order the book now. Don’t forget to make your parenting smarter with the help of this book.

Happy Parenting!

Let's discuss what "Positive Parenting" means to you?

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Thursday, December 17, 2020

Book Review: Ardhaviram (अर्धविराम - ;)

Image Source:

किताब का नाम: अर्धविराम- क्यूंकि सफर अभी बाकि हैं
कुल पेज :  70
लखक का नाम: प्रियंका
रेटिंग्स : 4.5*/5 
किताब ख़रीदे:

लेखक के बारे में
प्प्रियंका एक ब्लॉगर हैं जो मानसिक स्वस्थ्य विषय पर आवाज़ उठाती हैं. अपने कमजोर पालो का अपनाते हुए, लेखक ने ये सूंदर कविताये लिखी हैं. प्कई समय से अनगिनत आर्टिकल्स लिख चुकी हैं. प्रियंका आपने काम से लोगो में एक जीने की प्रेरणा जगती हैं.  
किताब के बारे में
बहुत ही सूंदर कविताये लिखी हैं लेखक ने. जो जीवन के हर संगर्ष को जताती हैं. जब आप पड़ेंगे तोह आप इनसे आपने आपको को सम्बंदित कर पाओगे. तब आप लेखक की अनुभूति को समाज पाएंगे. की किस किश डोर से लेखक ने अपने संगर्ष को हर न मान कर आगे बढ़कर उसका सामना किया हैं.
वैसे तोह सभी कविताये भोत अछि हैं लेकिन मेरी मनपसंद ये तीन हैं. जिससे मुझे पढ़ने के बाद बहुत सुकून मिलता हैं.
1 . मेरा सहस मेरा सारथी - 24 नुम्बर पेज पर
2 . जीने की जिद्द - 49 नंबर पेज पर
3 . मेरा घर कहा हैं - 52 नंबर पेज पर
किताब का नाम अर्धविराम - क्यूंकि सफर अभी बाकि हैं, आपने आप में परिणा, सहस और हिम्मत देता हैं की अब रुकना नहीं हैं. थोड़ा ठहर कर फिरसे आगे बढ़ना हैं. ये दिल को छू लेने वाली कविताये भी कभी हार न मानकर, खुद की कमजोरियों को अपनाकर  आगे बढ़ने का साहस देती हैं.
इन्हे आप जरुर पढ़िएगा और कमेंट बॉक्स में बताना की आपको कोनसी कविता ज्यादा अच्छी लगी. अगर आपको कविता पड़ने का शौक हैं तोह इस बुक को अभी अमेज़न से आर्डर कर सकते हैं. 


किताब ख़रीदे:


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Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Book Review: Kavya’s Bag of Short Stories


Book Review: Kavya’s bag of short stories
Publisher: Notion press 
Author: Kavya Mohindroo (10 years) 
Genre: Fiction  
Pages: 62
Rating: 4*

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Reading Time for the blog: 2 minutes
Isn't this exciting to see this young little girl where she expresses her beautiful and fabulous ideas and her imagination in her: Kavya’s bag of stories.

About the Author

This young author, Kavya has not only inspired us with her little stories but has also taken us into the world of fantasy through her fictitious stories. Kavya stays in Gurgaon. She loves writing. She loves watching movies like Frozen and the Harry Potter Series.

She’s blessed to have such a supportive father who has helped her in this journey. Her father has put his best efforts to showcase her skills on the right platform.

About the book

The young author has described 7 stories beautifully.

The magic tree
The Moon Man
The Rainbow Unicorn
The Innocent Dragon
The Poor Fisherman
The Talking Specs
The Magical Mirror

And, believe me. Every story has its magic. The language is lucid though abstract and every story ends with a meaningful message at the end of each chapter.

My favorite story from the book is “The Magic Tree” and “The Talking Specs”. While reading these stories, they took me to a world of imagination where everything became so lively. When I finished reading it, it left me amazed, how this little kid has expressed her abstract and fictitious thoughts in beautifully described short stories.  


The book is highly recommended for those who love reading short tales.

Especially for the kids aged between 5-10 years. Kids can read one story just before their sleeping time and get lost in their dreamy world.

There is something to learn from everyone if we see the positive side of it. 

Being a mother of a 2 years toddler, I would request all the parents whosoever is reading this book review. Kindly support your children in exploring their hidden potential. 

I wish Kavya all the best for her future endeavors. 

You’ve got a long way to go girl!

looking forward to reading more stories written by you in the future.

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Thursday, December 3, 2020

Book Review: Making Great Leaders Happen

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Publisher: Notion press


Genre: Non Fiction (Self-Help)

Pages: 66 plus few blank pages for practicing exercises

Rating: 4*

Reading Time for the blog: 3 minutes

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Kindle edition

Why did I choose this book?

Every day is a new challenge for the parents on how to treat their kids. It is every parent's dream to see their kid have leadership qualities. So, the subtitle of the book caught my attention i.e. “Shaping Leaders of Tomorrow”.

About the author: Kalyankumar S. Hatti

The author is a master coach for business transformation. He is passionate about learning and transforming lives.  He strongly believes that everyone needs a teacher, a mentor, and a guide who can help one to achieve the success that someone is looking for in their life. He has written three books in total as of now. The author confidently welcomes everyone in the world of “Metamorphosis” which means the process of transformation into a new different world.

About the book:

This is such a short book conveying a great message hidden behind. The author’s message is crystal clear on "how to see the leader in your child". The best way to make them prepare is to start from now onwards. If they’re given the right guidance, they can become the best leader tomorrow.

“Leaders are not born, but leaders are made.” This book exactly throws the light on the same question: how can we shape leaders of tomorrow? One can cultivate leadership by following the right attributes.

The author has described 26 letters corresponding to 26 attributes which are explained in a simple and easy language. The book is for all school-going parents on how they can make their kids practice these exercises every day.

Everything takes time. So, kids also need time to polish themselves to shape themselves as leaders of tomorrow.

If you’re a parent or a teacher, it’s crucial to spend some quality time with your children to perform the given exercises. 

The author has also highlighted how one kid can maintain a ‘Journal Diary’. The main focus is on three things:-

  1. Thankfulness

  2. Forgiveness

  3. Celebration

  • The affirmations for being thankful can be written as “I’m thankful for the wonderful day”

  • I’ll forgive my friends today for hurting me

  • I’ve finished this task. Yay! What a great achievement.

How is this book helpful?

  • A quick push towards how to shape your kids to become a leader tomorrow

  • Practical exercise at the end of each chapter.

  • Easy to understand and to apply 

  • Don’t skip 4 chapters based on alphabets like ‘K’, ‘L’, ‘M’, and ‘W’- the four leadership styles.

Why do I recommend this book?

The workbook exercise gives clarity on how to start preparing to develop leadership quality.

Who is the book for?

For all the new mothers and the parents of school-going kids. The book is for all those highly ambitious parents who're:-

  • Thinking to build up leadership qualities in their kids 

  • Looking for some advice on from ‘where to start’ 

  • Looking for ‘what actions to take each day’. 

  • Bonus points for Parents also. They can perform the same exercise along with their kids to keep the memento high.

The book can be read within 2 hours but if you want to be benefitted then performing exercises every day is a must. Spending only 15 minutes can sharpen your kid’s skills.

At the end of the book, the author has given a few blank pages to maintain the record. There are many lessons to be learned for the parents/teachers too like patience, tolerance which we easily ignore sometimes. So, we can also remind our subconscious minds to follow the same for the betterment of our kids.

My favorite chapter from the book is “humility” on page no. 25 from the book. I also wish to see my princess growing as a “kind human being”.

Learnings from the book:

  • Humility makes a difference

  • A leader without a team is not a leader

  • Experience the magician hidden in your child

The best a parent should do now is to give a diary to your child and open up with the questions. Once they achieve their small goals. Now, it’s time to celebrate your child's achievement. Let’s make it an encouraging moment for him/her. So, he/she can cherish it for their lifetime.

Happy Parenting!

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Let's discuss what "Leadership" is to you? How’re you going to develop leadership qualities in your child?

You can share your views in the comment section below. 

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