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Mothers are not only mothers, but also our family's financial genius


Mothers are not only mothers, but also our Family's Financial Genius

A woman finds her best self after becoming a mother, and it is at this point that she also controls the finances of her home, her family's income, and other expenses. She effectively oversees her family's finances, provides for everyone's requirements, and always maintains a surplus.

Mothers are really responsible individuals. They undoubtedly have a significant impact on a child's upbringing. They are essential in shaping a child's mentality. The mother is responsible for a child's entire future.

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Friday, May 19, 2023

5 Ways a Husband Can Support His Wife During Her Periods

 5 Ways a Husband  Can Support His Wife During Her Periods


“Our society already considers periods as a taboo, making every girl feel more irritated! Dear men, let’s not add to that irritation because certainly that’s going to backfire and you blaming it on us PMS-ing is not the way to calm us down.” - Reference from



The time has gone when women used to be shy talking about periods. Now, this has become a common topic. Even men are becoming more aware of it now and helping their girlfriends and wife during their periods. A Period is the part of the menstrual cycle when a woman bleeds from her vagina for a few days. And, they’re going through a lot of hormonal changes like stress, cramps, abdominal pain, mood swings, low energy, and whatnot?


You should know how to make her feel better and that will help you in improving your relationships. This way, you both will understand each other’s needs, too.

Here’re a few ways by which you can support her during her menstruation days.

1.    Extra Affection


As I have previously mentioned, a lot of hormonal changes are happening. She needs your extra affection and cares apart from her daily routine. You may need to identify what exactly she is looking for. When a woman is in pain, she won’t say it directly but wants you just to be with her. These comfort her somehow. She deserves to be pampered, especially during those days of every month.

2.             Spend Quality time with her


She doesn't need any expensive gifts or special treats, but she needs your time and attention. There is no special gift than giving your precious time to your spouse. You’re the only one with whom she can talk endlessly. She can argue, fight, cry, or do anything. You can give her a little massage on her feet, back, or head, depending on whatever she enjoyed the most.

For e.g. If you both are sitting in a room but busy on the phone all the time. It doesn’t mean that you both have spent quality time together.

Quality time includes comfort, communication, and giving attention to each other.

3.             Watch a movie/Read a book/Listen to some Music


This is another great relaxation technique to make her feel comfortable. Trying watching a movie, reading a book, or listening to some music of her choice. This will make her relaxed, both physically and mentally. Meanwhile, you can do cuddling, giving hugs, and giving a kiss on the cheek can make her day.

4.             Comfort her


There are infinite things your partner does for you every single day. Now, it’s your time to pamper her a little more. Don’t forget to offer her tea/coffee or a glass of water. She might love it or not, but she’ll appreciate the efforts you have put in. You can also provide her with medicines, a hot-water bag for the pain, or anything that she is craving, like sweets, chocolates, etc.

5.             Stay Primed


The period comes every month. You may need to prepare yourself a little in advance for this. Just provide the things she needs. Help her out in managing household chores, taking care of kids, and buying groceries. You can download a few love messages like “I Love you”, “I Understand” “All is well” or any memorable pics, to share with her to lighten up her mood. You may need to identify what your partner loves.


Try helping your partner as much as you can, especially during the first two days. She’ll love you even more. It’s just a matter of a few days, so this is the chance to give your best to your partner in need. Make her feel special, make her smile, and do a little dance together. She will remember your gestures and feel blessed to have you as her soulmate. Hope these tricks will work great for your relationship.


Remember, every person and every menstrual cycle is different, so it's essential to communicate openly with your wife about her specific needs and preferences during this time. By being understanding, supportive, and actively engaged, you can help create a nurturing environment that helps your wife feel cared for and loved during her periods.


For husbands, what do you do to make your partner feel special during her periods?


For women who are reading this blog, how do you want your partner to make you feel special? Please share in the comment box below.

How Parents Can Encourage Their Kids to Speak Up

How Parents Can Encourage Their Kids to Speak Up

From the moment kids start speaking, we also teach them how to be quiet. Kids are told to use quiet voices just about everywhere they go (stores, classes, and waiting rooms, to name a few). When children also learn how to express themselves with confidence and assert their needs and ideas, they experience increased self-esteem, positive peer relationships, and better school performance. The ability to speak up helps kids manage their emotions, and conflicts in a healthy way.


Why is it important for your child to speak?

You are out for a walk in a park. Your neighbor comes and asks the child, “Why did you miss the school today?  The child is a little hesitant to answer. Seeing this, without wasting a moment, you answer for him. Have you ever thought about what damage this cost? Whenever you speak up for him you make him meek and dependent.

Now I have a question for such parents – Why don’t you allow your child to speak for himself?

Q. Do you think you are doing any good for your child?

Q. Do you know by not allowing the child to use his voice you are hurting his self-esteem?

If you don’t step in, you give your child a chance to think about what to say and how to say it. If you answer for your child that is disrespecting your child and he will feel you don’t believe in him. A child has a right to express his thoughts and opinions. He is capable enough to answer such questions.

We all know today’s child is tomorrow’s leader. If you really want him to contribute to society when he grows up, allow him to learn how to properly communicate with other people.

Suppose someone asks him his name and the child doesn’t respond, a wise parent would say, “Come on dear, he is asking you a question. Please do reply.” A wise parent will never reply to the child because he understands that as parents it is our job to teach our children how to engage with others. By not giving them a chance to speak you are limiting your child’s mental growth and lowering his self-confidence.

Let your child answer and decide simple things for himself, like:

  • ·      Ordering food for himself at a restaurant
  • ·      In a hotel he wants to go to the washroom, let him ask the waiter and find one for himself
  • ·      He was not able to do the homework yesterday for some reason. He should have the courage to go and tell the teacher
  • ·      Saying “No” for certain things

You are not supposed to speak for your child all the time. Sometimes he might be too shy or nervous or if you want to protect your child, you may have to reply for your child. Fine but don’t allow this to happen frequently. Let them speak up. By communicating with others, they will be prepared for the times when you won’t be by their side.

Take out time each day to have thoughtful conversations with your child. It can be at the dinner table or when you are doing something in the kitchen – ask him his opinion. Show some curiosity about his thoughts and opinions, and encourage him by saying – “Really amazing or very interesting.” Or “I am highly impressed. Tell me something more about it.”

Always keep in mind that as a parent your job is to prepare your child to live without you in the future. Show your faith in his abilities and encourage him to come out of his comfort zone. Let him build his independence and be capable of living up to his full potential.

Let’s not shush them, let’s teach them to use their voice effectively.


Points to remember:

  • §  Understand the reason behind the shyness of your child
  • §  Developing the ability to speak up takes time and practice
  • §  Encourage the child to speak
  • §  Teach them the benefits of self-advocacy
  • §  Encourage your child to add to a conversation
  • §  Give them the right words and confidence to speak
this is the guest post by Seema Dhall , author of the book "Walking with your Child". Thanks for such a useful post for all the parents. Looking forward to reading more blog posts written by her.