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Publisher: Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.
Author: Mukesh Kulothia and Deepak Sharma
Genre: Non Fiction (Self-Help)
Rating: 5*
Reading Time for the blog: 3 minutes

Today I would like to share about this book “Move Mountains One Story At  A Time’ written by Mr. Mukesh Kulothia whom I met in one of a toastmaster meet up at Gurgaon. He is serving as a District 41 Director for Toastmasters International. And another author is Mr. Deepak Sharma. Mukesh's speech moved me and he came across as a kind person after knowing about him a little more! This compelled me to go ahead and read the book. 

This is a self-help book. What I like about the concept of the book is that it contains a total of 52 short stories that inspire and motivates you at the best. I liked the quotes which are mentioned at the end of each story. This book is written in a very simple language. So, it can be read easily by anyone that maybe kids, young and oldies. I found this book helpful when I was looking for some kind of inspiration in my life. The book has helped me in many different ways which is difficult to describe in words but once you’ll start reading this, you’ll be able to relate.

Let me share one of my favorite stories from the book i.e. story no. 15 on page no. 37; Potato, Eggs, and Coffee Beans! This story is about a boy who told his mother that his life was miserable. He was unable to handle it properly. So, his mother took him to the kitchen and asked him to boil potatoes, eggs, and coffee beans in three separate pots. She asked him to let them boil for 20 minutes and turned the burner off. So now what the boy noticed was that the potatoes were very soft and the eggs were very hard but the coffee had been dissolved properly in the water and had a rich aroma all around. 

This explains to us that miseries in life will always be knocking at the door but it depends on us how we respond to it. However, we as human beings have the power in our hands to control anything in life-like emotions, challenges, etc.. This story has inspired me and reminded me to be 'Me' when the situation is really difficult.

I strongly feel whosoever is reading this blog, please move ahead with the book. This book can be finished in a single sitting but it is highly recommendable to give your time and thoughts to these stories. One must learn from these stories and must apply it practically as well. This book is really helpful for those who're looking for some kind of inspiration in their life. These stories are going to push you forward.
Believe me! You’ll love these stories.
Thank You!
Don’t forget to comment and share your experience. Which is your favorite story from this book?

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