Monday, July 20, 2020

One is blessed to have a brother like you

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One is blessed to have a brother like you

I was flipping through our old album pics while sipping a cup of coffee. I was wondering how time has passed in the blink of an eye. We used to hold each other's fingers and went to school.  when he used to sit on the backside of my bicycle and rush towards the school saying “come on di..move fast, we’re getting late for school.

There are unforgettable incidents where we cooked together. Undoubtedly, he makes amazing pasta and sandwiches. I learned those dishes from him only. After my marriage, I miss our time on the dining table when we used to share our common dishes like having sandwiches, tea and chole bhature and our all-time favorite special lemonade prepared in soda water, etc. 

I remember those days when I used to make plans to surprise our mother with small gifts and he used to run and bring them all with excitement and to pack everything together and give it to mom. That was the feeling none other than like “an award-winning” moment when our mother appreciated our little efforts for her. How can I forget those college days when he used to pick me up. Later while coming back from office. And, of course! not forgetting, sometimes, I made him wait for me so long. However, he taught me how to drive a two-wheeler but my bad luck! I never showed the willingness to learn and never paid attention to it but he put on his best efforts to teach me.

Time has flown up quickly. He, who was known to be the naughtiest among all the family members now has become a responsible one. He has turned into a mature and wiser person now to handle business responsibilities to be shared with our father and handling household tasks. Whenever I talk to him, he is the one who advises me on how to do things and about the latest trends related to gadgets in the market. He is the younger one in the family but his suggestions are being appreciated by everyone. He takes care of everyone and never misses a chance to surprise everyone and makes the environment more lively with a joyful personality.

He used to spend time with our grandfather by chatting with him, by communicating about his daily routine and life, etc. He helps Mumma in the kitchen by serving dishes and other household chores. He spends time with papa by playing guitar such as papa loves to sing and record his audio. He is the one who is more excited to meet me now rather than my parents, where we share many things in detail, and yes! We go on a drive along with my daughter who just feels excited by saying “ghumi ghumi” The last but not the least, the relationship with his brother-in-law is more like a friend, they spend good quality time whenever they meet like partying, playing cards together, playing table-tennis, and polo, etc.

Not even a  single chance is missed by him from making everyone laugh. And, this is what i really admire about him.

If there’s someone whom I missed the most  after my marriage, then he is the one.

He is the one who cried the most in my vidaai, 

he is the one who missed snacks made by me, 

he is the one who missed teasing me.

Nevertheless, despite many fights, we still have our “attachment theory”. No matter how much we fight or argue but in the end, we have mutual respect.  As we grow up, we, the brother and the sister have a little room in each other’s hearts. 

I wish you all the love, happiness and success in the world. May you meet the love of your life soon.

Now, Raksha Bandhan Celebrating on August 3 (Monday),2020 is the time to reflect on the bond we shared. It’s time to cherish all the childhood memories spent together.


It’s time to recount our blessings and to share those funny experiences with our bhabhi and jija who’re new additions to the family just to make them laugh. May the brother and the sister relationship be always special. 

May all the brothers and the sisters in the world share the bond always.