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D.A.T.E W.I.T.H F.A.T.E How to use the POWER SUCCESS FORMULA for women to decode life’s lessons and become a SUPER mom! 

Book: D.A.T.E W.I.T.H F.A.T.E

Publisher: Happyselfpublishing

Author: Ishwarya Lakshmi K

Genre: Non Fiction (Self-Help)

Pages: 153

Rating: 4.5*

Reading Time for the blog: 3 minutes, 30 seconds 

Why did I choose this book?

Being in the motherhood journey for the last 21 months, I also wanted to discover the gap between my expectations and reality.

The sub-title of the book caught my attention and convinced me to read the book. I purchased a kindle subscription within a second and started reading.

About the book:

The book is about a mother on how she overcame her breastfeeding issue. How she stopped formula milk and started with breastfeeding.

If you’re already a mother, I'm sure you would love to know about how the author manages her work-life balance. She has found her primary support system to help her out. Read the book to know “HOW’?

How the author's conversation with an angelic inner voice helped her to take the decision of her life to become a “life coach”?

About the author: Ishwarya Lakshmi K

The author is an emPOWERment coach for supermoms. She believes every super mom should take some daring actions to live life on their terms. Her mission is to help 5000 moms to lead a successful life. She makes sure that you’re not compromising on your motherhood journey but balancing out all the things well together like relationships, breastfeeding issues, and imbalance in lifestyle, etc.)

How is this book helpful?

  • To realize your inner potential
  • To know your strengths being a mother
  • First, connect with yourself and then take action.
  • Listen to your angelic inner voice

Loving yourself is the most beautiful feeling ever. One should always prioritize themselves in terms of their health, to pursue their dreams, and to pamper oneself. We often forget to take care of ourselves and get stuck in our day-to-day responsibilities of life.

Why do I recommend this book?

  • If you feel like you’ve forgotten your true self after the delivery of your baby.
  • If you’re unsure about what to do in life.
  • If you want to take some daring actions.
  • If you’re not able to manage your early motherhood days, then you must definitely read this book.
  •  Each and every chapter of the book will push you to move forward.
  • It’s highly recommended for all the moms to read this book to push yourself a little.

Who is the book for?

For all the new supermoms who’re looking to empower themselves. Being a mother myself, I also struggled with the breastfeeding issues at the initial stage. So, I could relate with the author, what she would have gone through. 

I was also guilty at some point of time in my life. But, after reading this book, I am calm and more confident in my motherhood journey. A mother knows and does the best for her child.

This book will definitely give you goosebumps and taking more action. I have already downloaded D.A.T.E WITH F.A.T.E ACTION GUIDE MAP and started working on my dreams. This book is encouraging for all the supermoms. 

What emotion was I going through while reading this book?

I was overwhelmed at every point of time where the author shares about her motherhood journey and targeting breastfeeding related issues. This happens with every new mother who’s not able to cope up. But, obviously, things are learned the best way based on experiences.

I am deeply in love with the conversation between the author and the angelic voice in chapter one. One should definitely follow this and even make it a ritual to know oneself better.

Learnings from the book:

  • You don’t need to compromise on your dreams even after entering into a motherhood journey.
  • Everything can be managed well with time and patience.
  • You must have the right intentions for whatever you’re doing.
  • Listen to your angelic inner voice.
  • Identifying your Life-blocker.

At the end of the chapter, the author has shared a few mothers' real-life stories about how they overcame their struggles. How they have redesigned their life.

So, Mumma!

Believe in your POWER.

 what’re you waiting for?

Make sure that you download the action guide map and get it printed. Now, it’s time to start working for yourself.

You can share your reviews about the book in the comment box. You can also share what difficulty you faced during your breastfeeding days? Was it smooth? How do you maintain a work-life balance?

Being a homemaker is not an easy task though. we would love to know how do you manage everything so well?

Looking forward to knowing you better as a mother.

Happy Motherhood Journey!

The book is definitely on my To-Read list.

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