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How to Add Gratitude Practice in Daily Life Routine- Both for Kids and Adults




Journal For Adult: Step UP Journal -Miracles happen

Price: INR 150

Pages: 106

Journal for kids: Gratitude Journal for kids - feel grateful no matter what

Price: INR 199/-

Pages: 128

Author: Priyadarshini Shukla

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About the Author: Priyadarshini Shukla

 The author is a life coach, master energy healer, and an NLP Practitioner. She has received ‘Sanjeevani Ratan Awards and various other national awards in Traditional Medicine. Her mission is to make a difference in people’s lives.


 What is a ‘Gratitude Journal '?

 It’s basically pouring out your emotions on the paper. It’s best when you practice it by writing what you are grateful for, what all you have to be grateful for. It’s all about how much you’re thankful for the universe, your god for everything.


Let me share my personal experience. I didn’t know how much I've stored in my mind until I started Journaling.


When I started journaling the first day, I felt lost. I was blank. I did not know how to start with this. But this journal helped me to open up my mind with a few questions, which I answered every day at a specific time.


First, let’s talk About Gratitude Journal for kids


Age recommendation: 5years to 10years


Our kids are the future of tomorrow. Every day is the best day to cultivate a habit in the kids of being grateful at any age. They need to understand and appreciate the value of everything. This 100 day's journal helps them to practice gratitude and feel good about the same every single day.


How will this Journal help the kids?

  • It’ll boost their self-confidence
  • They’ll learn to appreciate things
  • They can count on their blessings by practicing this every day
  • Changing their negative mindset to positive mindset
  • They can be honest with themselves


The kids will realize how much they have in abundance. They should be thankful to god and their parents for showering them with infinite things that they wish for. 


Here are a few prompts to help kids phrase their grateful thoughts.

  • I'm thankful for...
  • I appreciate...
  • I'm grateful for...
  • Thank you for…

It becomes the responsibility of us; the parents to make our kids aware of the gratitude journal. 

You can order it right here: Gratitude Journal for kids 


Let’s talk about “STEP UP JOURNAL”

Buy here: Step Up Journal

This is a “40 days” Journal in a structured format. This step-up journal by Priyadarshini doesn’t focus only on gratitude, but it helps to make your to-do lists, writing affirmations, gratitude practice, and what actions can you take to improve your today and tomorrow? I found this Journal a little different from others with a few sets of structured questions.


We all want to know - How is this 40 day's journal helpful?

  • It helped me to stay focussed
  • It helped me to remain consistent
  • It made me feel calm by answering all the questions regularly
  • Helped me in the self-healing process 
  • It boosted dopamine and serotonin


It helped me to be strict with my routine. The day when I didn't do Journaling, it felt like something was missing. Suddenly, I started enjoying journaling slowly. I fell in love with writing and being grateful every day, my accomplished task of the day, and a reflection on how I can improve tomorrow?


 I challenged myself to do this 40 day's journal earlier but now this is a part of my daily routine. I feel something is missing if I don't practice it.  


Don’t forget “Practice makes one perfect”. In the same way, you must do journaling every day to get the best out of it. 


There are a few questions in the journal which you should answer when you begin your day. Though, there are a few other questions on the right-side page of the book which you need to answer before the day ends. You can do it any time of the day, but ensure that you’re following a specific time routine to get the maximum result.


Along with writing affirmations, making a “To-Do list”, you can keep a record of your daily meditation and exercise too. Writing in a structured way helps one to remember all the things. The journal is available at an affordable price.


After practicing this for a continuous 40 days, you can look at your journal and feel good about it. Each question asked in the journal has its importance. You can check your progress from the day you started it.


You have got only one life. Let’s be grateful for it by practicing the gratitude journal. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to feel grateful for life. Just grab this Journal now and start answering to know yourself much better.

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