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Book Review: Raising a Mindful Parent


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Book Review: Raising a Mindful Parent

Publisher: Author Vine

Author: Dr. Mona Gujral

Genre: Non-fiction, (Parenting)

Pages: 197

Rating: 4*

Reading Time for the blog: 3 minutes

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About the Author: Dr. Mona Gujral


This author is a parenting coach and a subconscious reprogramming coach.This is the author's first best-selling book.


About the book


The book divides into 3 chapters


1 The problem

2 Facing adverse situations

3 Dealing with the help of spirituality


It made me a little emotional when I read the introduction of the book based on the author’s personal story. Kids are sensitive and they’ve feelings too. We can't be with them all the time, but we can assure them we’re with them whenever they need us.


The title of the book caught my attention and convinced me to pick up this book.

Being a new and first-time parent, I was eager to know what the “mindful parenting’ is all about? How is it going to throw some light?


The author has covered all the aspects related to parenting. Like, how to grow your kids independently, allowing them to explore their hidden potential. We as parents often forget that a child also possesses the skills, which we ignore. This book acts as guidance to all the parents on how to be mindful of their parenting.


Who is the book for?

  • For all the parents of every age like toddlers, kids, and teens, etc.,
  • For those parents who worry about their child's behavior, those who want to see their kids happy and growing smartly.


How is the book helpful?

  • To become a conscious parent.
  • To make your kids grow in all aspects of life like emotionally, spiritually, etc.
  • A practical handbook to build a better relationship with your kid.
  • To prepare yourself up for the various challenges in the modern world.


the book is not about how to control the child but controlling yourself in the parenting journey. I appreciate efforts put in by the author where she has asked to maintain a parenting journal to do justice to your parenting style.


A few practical questions are there in every single chapter to reflect on. The book will leave you inspired and action-taking in your parenting journey. 


This is such an insightful book for the parents, which a single parent should not miss on reading it out. You can give this book to a new parent to help them out.


To know more about parenting journals and how to be a mindful parent, order your copy now.


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  1. Eye catcher cover...Awesome review given. Parenting needs a lot of patience.

  2. Nicely done. I will definitely pick this up when will be in that place.