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5 Lesson Learned in Two Years of the Motherhood Journey


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5 lesson learned in two years of the motherhood journey

Although, there is an unlimited number of lessons that I have learned in these 2 years of the motherhood journey. I’m sure there’re many more to explore. But here are a few which I would like to highlight and share with other “moms-to-be” and “already a mother”. 


“A mother can only understand the feeling and emotions of another mother”. – Radhika

 1.   Be a responsible mother

OMG! Responsibilities. Such a heavy word. Isn’t it? You already had so many responsibilities as a woman, daughter-in-law, and wife, etc. but now as a mother too. A mother’s responsibility speaks a thousand words which are not everyone’s cup of tea. Being a mother is not a part-time job, but the entire life you’re on this planet. 


The first responsibility of a new mother is to take care of her child in every aspect of life. kids demand attention in everything like physical, mental, social and spiritual, etc. which we’re going to talk about in the upcoming chapters. The first 1000 days play a crucial role in the child’s development. The father and other family members also play an equal role in the child's upbringing. But a mother is the first and the last one who has to be responsible for the same. We’ll be talking about both topics in the upcoming chapters.

2.          Patience

This is one of the most important traits which one must follow. Any parent would love to see and do their kids the best possible way. It fills their heart with infinite happiness when they see their kids achieving new milestones every single day. But they often forget that a “slow and steady one wins the race”. A child can achieve depending on his/her capabilities. We can't force them to achieve beyond it. 

Such questions keep on arising. Now, what’s next? When a kid is going to speak? When a kid is going to recognize things? But this doesn’t happen. Every kid takes their own time, which we must appreciate as parents. We need to keep patience and should go with the flow. It also achieved every milestone in its time and depending on the kid’s capabilities.

3.          Spending quality time 

Kids demand nothing from their parents, but what they expect is “quality time”. It depicts the time you allot to your kids. It might be listening to them, or playing with them. Mostly, it happens in the case, when a father or a mother comes back home in the evening from work. A hug is enough to express how much they missed each other during the day.



4.          Multitasker

You never know how strong you’re until you’re in the situation. Once you enter motherhood, managing multiple tasks is all you need to be active at. Like feeding the baby till managing the household chores and taking care of yourself.

The priority of a mother is “to take care of her kid” over anything. It comes naturally when you see your baby crying and you realize they need more attention than anything else.


5.          Trust your Maternal Instincts

God has inherited this trait once a woman becomes a mother. A mother’s instinct is damn strong and can never go wrong. A child is always in a mother’s thoughts. She knows what's best for him/her before anyone could figure it out. A mother needs to feel proud of herself. I feel blessed when being a mother, my gut instinct matches with the situation. It makes me feel more confident. It becomes stronger with time and experiences.


So, Mumma!


What’re you waiting for?


Don’t feel less. 

You’re blessed with everything you need.

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Don't forget to share, what lessons have you learned from your motherhood journey? 

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  1. Motherhood is an ongoing and forever learning journey. I also feel I have learned many thing even from my kids in this journey. Well said that being mother makes us multi=tasked, more patient, and responsible too. Sure to tag your post into my Mom's be everything series.

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  3. patience really is the key. nicely written.

  4. Patient and spending quality time are the two I would definitely tick from this list. They are they keys.

  5. Once a mom always a mom, Radhika..the journey never ends. You will keep adding to the list as they grow! Yes, all moms learn patience and mom's instincts are always bang on target...wonderful post.

  6. Well said, Grabbing some me time when possible and learning to be patient are the two important things that I learnt as a new mom

  7. Lovely reading ur post radhika...keep going

  8. You captured all the important points. But let me just remind you, the motherhood is a continuous journey and every year will pose a new set of challenges to you

  9. This came straight from the heart girl and I could so relate to each work buddy, keep them coming. Good series!

  10. Yes motherhood taught us many life lessons and building patience is one that I had learnt during my 12 years of motherhood journey.

  11. I agree with all the pointers and the one which I strongly believe is being patient. We need to enjoy every role and do not try to be super women.

  12. Spending quality time and being patient is so important. Even though motherhood has its responsibility, yet its the happiest journey. You wrote so well covering pertinent points.
    Deepika Sharma

  13. I know that being patient with kids prepares them for a better life, but I tend to lose temper sometimes.

  14. Being a mother, we learn so much every minute and every day. Every new experience brings a lot of learning stuff. Let's be open to all these experiences and be ready to modify our current notions. Your pointers are so apt.

  15. Patience and time with them is what kids yearn for. If given that totally changed the relationship

  16. Yes i agree motherhood is a rollercoaster ride and being Patient is the key .

  17. Mother hood is never easy and can become overwhelming . I loved how beautifully you have given all the information.

  18. Patience is something I'm still struggling with!