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Books recommendations on Parenting


Here are a few books recommendations on Parenting, Motherhood, Energy-healing, Self-love, etc. might help you at any stage.


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Mona Gujral

Raising a mindful parent: Nurturing parent, Nurturing child


If you want to learn how to be a mindful parent, and nurture the child.


Dr. Abinaya Vijayakumar

Omg! I am a mom now


to help new mothers to become better and happier motherhood by using simple but effective mental strategy


Shweta Patel

Mama's Mission Slimpossible : Five step mindfulness formula to lose postpartum weight, take charge and enjoy motherhood

Motherhood, weight-loss

For those who want to shed after the post-delivery.


Gunjan Agarwal

Early Maths Matter EARLY MATHS MATTER: Help your child develop Mathematical Intuition


For those who want to understand the value of mathematics in life.


Seema Dhall

Walking with your child


For those who want to improve their relationship better with the child and raising a smart kid.


Bala D Moorthy

Just Let Them Be: "An unconventional way of bringing up self disciplined, responsible, and happy children

Parenting, relationships

For an insightful to parenting.


Ishwarya Lakshmi

D.A.T.E W.I.T.H F.A.T.E: How to use the POWER SUCCESS FORMULA for women to decode life’s lessons and become a SUPER mom!

Motherhood, parenting

For those womens who wants to maaintain the work-life  balance and be a super mom to their kids too


Monali Kakoty

Heartbeat- a Journey to motherhood


For moms-to-be, first-time mothers


Deepak Devaraj

Unlimited Energy

Healing, Self-help

For those who wants to make their life better by visualization, healing , positive self-talk, etc.


Veronica D’souza

One & Done How to stand by your DECISION of creating a HAPPY FAMILY- With Your Only Child


For those who want to make their life worth living with one  child


Dr. Shruthi M S

Blooming Beyond Pain : A Guide to Healing Your Soul after the Loss of a Loved One

Self-healing, and Self-help

For those who want to shed after the delivery.


Vandana Sehgal

I love myself - Discover a life through Self Love

Self-help, and Self-love

Mothers who want to fall in love with themselves again


Ratna Rao

76 Little Games: Ten Minute Activities for Big Family Fun to Make your Children Think, Act and Create (Activities, Craft and Play)


For those who are looking for ways to create a family bonding


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