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Publisher: The Write Place

Author: Luke Gracias

Genre: Historical Fiction

Pages: 368

Rating: 4*/5

Reading Time for the blog: 3 minutes

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The book is a work of historical fiction. It is the second book in the series as much as I could relate to the storylines. Not being read the first one truly makes a void that the author has tried to fill by writing a short version of the first book in this one.


A treasure hunt for the twelve missing pages containing the devil’s prayer starts for the elimination of the population. Characters in the story are Jess, Luca, Siobhan, and the red monks. The story starts pretty slow, but when it picks up; the speed made it interesting for me. A lot of twist and turns awaits in the path for Siobhan and Lucas.


Siobhan and Jess, both sisters of the devil's offspring, try to get their hands on the missing treasure, but one is the guiding light fighting for humanity and one is giving her all for the destruction of humanity. The picture in between makes the reading refreshing and interesting.

Lucas, a police officer, finds his friend in a bizarre situation where his legs and hands are seized. something is written on his body with a language long forgotten. He tries to find answers to all these while crossing the path with Siobhan. What will happen now? Is love about to bloom in both of their destiny? Will they ever find the missing pages? Who will find it first less or Siobhan?

Too many questions with a lot of twists and turns to keep the readers engaged. Language is lucid and simple. Every detailed explanation of the historical relics blew my mind away.

A few of the quotes I liked are " social media has taught us that people will believe what they want to believe "

Meaning, social media is easy to access to viral anything in our brain, as always it has both positive and negative sides of society but mostly it's used for the negative sides, and blindly following social media most of the time leads to miscommunication and crimes.

Social media is like a virus nowadays. People find facts to justify their narrative, which might not even be true. The author has talked about a lot of things in the author's note, which most of the readers skip, but we should read this one. Topics like - carbon dioxide, fossils, social media, hope, Noah's ark, mother earth, population, and deforestation should talk about openly and positively, and we should take steps in the direction to make it better. Survival of the fetus is the best example which suits the story too. Forests are the lungs of the earth - deforestation because of urbanization is the worst as they are home to a lot of endangered species- species that are likely to become extinct soon either worldwide or in a particular political jurisdiction, Because of overpopulation other species in our planet is going in danger which should be an alert sign to all of us.


"Protect the planet you are born on "- I agree with this completely as mother earth gives us so many things to count - water shelter, food, fuel, etc. It's our job to protect these for our and our future generations. Because of deforestation, the level of oxygen is going low, co2 rises to make a hole in the ozone layer.

There are many endangered species like - the giant panda, Amur leopard, tiger, Geer lions, Javan rhinoceros, koala, etc. fossils - footprints/ imprints found of the animals before us in the ground's depth.

As the title suggests - there is no shadow without light, which I find quite fitting to the story as Siobhan is the light and her sister Jess is the darkness.

Kindly let me know what are you currently reading now?

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  1. This seems interesting. Devils are more charming than angels at any time.

  2. I am reading it, so far it is getting more interesting day by day, waiting for more thrilling and suspense. fingers crossed lets see what happens next

  3. Currently I am reading Glory is Calling by Suman Saroj. It's a light read. Maybe after this I will consider the book you are recommending..

  4. Looks like a great book to read. I mean I love thrillers and I normally read fiction. Thanks for the recommendation.

  5. Glad to see that you liked the book and also bring out the crisp of the story in the review in a beautiful way which is enough to make book lovers pick this book.

  6. I liked the title. You have given a very honest review. I am not into thrillers, but the book really sounds good. Will look it up to read.

  7. No Shadow Without Light surely has an interesting story line. It gives you something to ponder on. It's been a while since I read a historical fiction. Thanks for recommending it, will check it out.

  8. Coming from your honest review I'm looking to add this to my tbr. The plot definitely looks go be an interesting read. Thanks for sharing this information

  9. This is just the kind of book that I love reading. Plot twists, messages, a touch of history and the shadow and light metaphor, everything sounds like a definite thrilling read!

  10. I like reading such thriller fiction books and your review has piqued my interest so I am going to add ths book to my TBR list.

  11. This book seems so good and I really love the book cover too. Thriller is something I want to read for sure.

  12. I have read the book and agree that few pointers were bang on with the reader. The quotes and the poem truly hit with the reality.

  13. It's fun reading books that have multiple chapters and makes it easy for the reader. Also, stories on the devil are always a must-read.

  14. Looks like such an intresting book, the cover, the story line everything looks quite charming and worth reading. shall add it to my TBR list for this year