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Rupali Khattar talks about her book Just The Way You Are | Interview


Just the Way You Are: A Book of Self-Love to Let Your Perfection Shine Through


Book Name: Just the way you are: A book of Self-love to let your perfection shine through

Genre: Children's book (with activity pages)

Author's Name: Rupali Khattar Mehra

Publisher: Hay House Publisher

Recommended Age: 4 years to 12 years

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About the Author: Rupali Khatta is an educationalist who has been associated with the primary education sector for nearly a decade. A pioneer in her field, she has worked with leading educational institutions such as Springdales School, and Bhatnagar International Foundation School.It was during her Journey as a teacher and diverse interactions with young minds that she observed the need for a book that helps in building confidence and self-love in children of the 21st century.


Just the Way You Are: A Book of Self-Love to Let Your Perfection Shine Through INSTAGRAM REEL


Another children's book that I have come across will make your children fall in love with themselves. The book has kid-friendly activities, readable letter sizes, and vibrant illustrations.


This book demonstrates how to raise children:

*more compassionate and responsible

*counting their blessings, and

*knowing what makes them feel fantastic

*valuing family relations


The positive affirmations make the book special and help kids to lead a life with a positive attitude. Children will enjoy themselves while learning valuable life skills that they will carry with them for years to come, whether they complete the activities by themselves or with a parent or other adult carer.


Author Radhika: What inspired you to write a children's book?


Author Rupali: It was my journey as an Early Years Educator that inspired me to write for children. No doubt there is an abundance of brilliant text available for our young readers, but I have always struggled to find books that target the socio-emotional needs of our young audience. The world we live in is constantly changing and so are the needs of our little ones. My book is an attempt for them to feel comfortable in their own skin and embrace their unique qualities.




Author Radhika: What age group is your book targeted towards, and why did you choose that particular age range?


Author Rupali: The target audience for this book is between 4 and 10 years. This is the time when children start being a little independent, leaving behind their family nest for a few hours each day to meet new people in school and at other places. They encounter various experiences at this time. Children are like sponges, they absorb and inculcate whatever they see around them. It was my intention to help them love their true selves irrespective of whatever exposure they get in these impressionable years.



Author Radhika: How did you ensure that the language and content of your book are suitable for young readers?


Author Rupali: Being a teacher for over a decade, I have spent a good amount of time with this age group. The one thing I learned is that you need to simplify the vocabulary and context as per the level of the children to help them understand and connect with the text. The idea is that children should be able to enjoy the book and imbibe self-love without much effort.



Author Radhika: Did you work with an illustrator for your book? How did you collaborate to bring your story to life visually?


Author Rupali: Collaborating with an illustrator is a vital aspect of creating a visually appealing children's book, as it adds an extra layer of enchantment and captivates young readers through colorful and imaginative artwork. I shared my vision and ideas, discussed the book’s essence in detail, and always maintained open communication with my publishers, exchanging ideas and suggestions to achieve the best possible outcome. Rucha Thigale has done a wonderful job ensuring that the characters' appearances and the visual portrayal of the story match my original concept.



Author Radhika: Did you conduct any research or seek feedback from children or parents while writing your book?


Author Rupali: My experience over the years was my sole guiding factor while writing this book. I have taught hundreds of students during my career and have learned something from each student and parent whom I have interacted with. Though they came from varied backgrounds, the only things that children long for are love and acceptance.


Author Radhika: How did you go about finding a publisher or self-publishing your book? What was that process like for you?


Author Rupali: I had reached out to Hay House India, one the world’s biggest non-fiction publishers, with the proposal of a book on self-love and self-acceptance for children, and they were interested from the very beginning. Hay House has been an incredible partner in my publishing journey. Working with their dedicated team has been an amazing experience, and I'm grateful to them for believing in my vision and helping me make a meaningful impact through my words.


Author Radhika: What advice would you give to aspiring children's book authors based on your own experience?


Author Rupali: Writing for children is something that should come directly from the heart. It is a sensitive space since the target audience is so young and their minds can be molded easily. Thus, it is the moral responsibility of the author to create an appropriate and conscientious text that is impeccable and suitable for the readers.


With "How to Accept Yourself and Appreciate the Way You Are," the author has done her best to communicate a profound message. The author provides reasons as to why young people should respect themselves and not wait for anyone's suggestion. Every person has a special talent like singing, dancing, writing, cooking, etc., but it takes a lot of work to comprehend that we are deserving of everything.

Let’s discuss what are you currently reading to your kids? And which is your favorite book and why? You can share your experiences in the comment box below.

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  1. The title of the book itself felt like a reassuring hug to me, wish someone had told me that when we were struggling with insecurities! Author Rupali Khattar has been able to deliver a profound an dmuch appreciated message through this interview and her children's book.

  2. It is so important to accept ourself and learn to appreciate ourselves. Once we do this, we learn to accept others with their faults and are comfortable in our own skin. This is the first step towards good mental health.

  3. This is a great book by the author. Being comfortable in your own skin is a must especially with so many bullies around. Having said that, taking care of yourself and not taking your health for granted is also important. Sadly theres a thin line between self confidence and self destruction.

  4. Writing a children's book is not as easy as it seems. I am sure author Rupali has done an incredible job in accomplishing this journey. thank you so much for sharing her journey with this interview. it was a great to know more about her work and her experience.

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  11. Sounds like 'Just the Way You Are' is a beautiful children's book that teaches self-love through engaging activities. Books are must-have for nurturing young minds and letting their uniqueness shine."

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