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The Happiness Story Book Review

Book:  The Happiness Story – Unlocking the Secrets to living your Best Life

Author: Savi Sharma

Genre: Self-help

Publisher: Harper Collins

Pages: 281

Rating: 4*/5

Reading Time for the blog: 3 minutes

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Q. Are you on a never-ending quest for happiness?

Q. Do you frequently feel lost in life and unsure of how to properly organize it?


In the time that you said "Yes." Next, I have a special book for you by the renowned authot, Savi Shrma. In addition to assisting you on your path toward personal growth, the book will show you how to lead a life that is meaningful and fulfilling.


About The Author: Savi Sharma Bagrecha

Savi Sharma Bagrecha is an author, educator, a content creator and mother based out of Surat,Gujarat. The Happiness Story is her first wok of non-fiction through which she shares her learnings and experiences in search of true happiness.

Savi also runs a self-learning studio, Svadhyaya, which focuses on personalised, value- and emotion-based ways of learning and unlearning for kids and parents.


About The Book

Before we go in for a restful sleep, we crave for happiness. Every small thing matters when it comes to happiness, such as living intentionally, speaking positively, acting kindly, remembering to be appreciative, and so on.

"Whatever we're seeking outside, that is already within us," the author says, and I agree. All we have to do is acknowledge it. I think the most appealing thing about this book is the way the author has written about introspection, healing, sustainability, relationship, and living a life that is worthwhile etc.

My favourite chapter from the book is “self-love” on the page no. 81 from the book “The happiness story”. The author has thrown the light in detail on the topic self-love, why is it crucial, how it build it from within , how to maintain a relationship with yourself, and also, how to practice it on regular basis.


Who the book is for?

·      For those who feel stuck in their life.

·      Individuals going through difficult times or facing adversity.

·      Individuals on a journey of self-discovery and introspection.


Why should you read it?

·      To heal yourself

·      To set healthy boundaries

·      How to live a sustainable lifestyle

·      How living slowly allows us to re-establish our connections

Learning From The Book 

·      Practical tips on how can you work on your relationship

·      How to minimise our negative impact on the world and the planet

·      Tips for leading a thoughtful daily routine


“As a mother of a five-year-old, I can identify with the author Savi's observation that having a child has altered one's priorities in life. As parents, we frequently forget about ourselves. The book serves as a helpful reminder to focus on our mission and live a happy life. Enjoy what you're doing, and make time for yourself.”


Savi Sharma talked out about her personal experiences in an attempt to stop readers from living unintentionally. The author hopes that this nonfiction work will inspire each and every one of us to be a responsible member of society. As the mother planet provides us with so much, we all have the right to live our lives as we see it.

To sum up, The writing is straightforward and incredibly relatable. I would definitely like to carry this book with me. So, that I can read a page each day and have a productive day. This is the book I've been waiting for one that will satisfy my spirit and point me in the direction of happiness.

What’re you waiting for? Grab your copy now and start creating your “Happiness Story”.

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