Wednesday, June 10, 2020

80%Mindset 20%Skill

Book: 80%Mindset 20%skills

Publisher: Adhyyan Books

Author: Devanand Gadhvi

Genre: Non Fiction (Self-Help)

Pages: 230

Rating: 5*

Reading Time for the blog: 5 minutes

I was wondering how a motivational author inspires us every moment by sharing his pieces of advice. Recently, I came across an ebook whose title caught my attention. So, Without wasting much time, I downloaded the book in a second and started reading it. Today I am going to tell you about this fantastically written book by the author “ Mr. Devanand Gadhvi.”

About the Author: 

I’m inspired by the life story of the author Devanand Gadhvi Whose's father was a truck driver and his mother played the best role in providing him the best education despite having many struggles in life. Dev Gadhvi is an international keynote speaker, best selling author, and a business coach, etc. He’s India’s first PassionPreneur mentor. He has published two books i.e 80% mindset,20% skills and the other book is 6 Sundays a week.

Every word played a magic role that compelled me to keep reading it. The author has explained. how his parents have helped him to grow, how his experiences in fortune 500 companies helped him to grow skills in life, He has expressed clearly how he faced all the challenges and how he has achieved success and managed all his tasks very well. 

He has highlighted these 3 steps formulas to become unstoppable.


I was wondering how his story would help me to get inspired. And yes, the author has shared a few practical questions and exercises and shared a few tips related to business and personal growth which made me think that where I see myself in the coming 5 years. Here, the author tries to explain that If we want a rich and happy life, we need to plan it now and work on it accordingly.

The average mindset is not going to work if we want a rich life but certain massive actions need to be taken. Rich life doesn’t mean that we will have unlimited cash but in terms of good health, family relations, physically strong, mentally fit, and having a good rapport in the society. One of my favorite part of the  book Is the detailed discussion on  the  people whom we’re surrounded with:

Losers: Those who see negative in everything and don’t make an effort at all.

Comforters: Those who put minimum efforts.

Averagers: Those who achieve their small targets.

Unstoppables: Those who keep on moving ahead and take massive action every time. They’re the risk-taker and keep on challenging themselves.

He has asked certain questions on ‘why’. Find out your ‘WHY’? Asking This question can change one’s perception of their life and their goals. If we can answer this, It’ll only help us to have clarity in the mind. 

The book of the title itself describes that mindset is everything. It has the power to record and execute. If 80% of our mind is set then we can plan for anything which can be achieved with 20% of skill. Here, he tells us a story of two friends Moe and Joe, and about their mindset and skills and how they used them in their personal and professional life. How they acquired the skills with the time depending on the requirement based on life situations. 

Again, here the author conveys us a message by comparing the middle-class mentality vs millionaire mentality, average life, and rich life, etc. He explained how middle-class families think that spending money on themselves is the wastage of money whereas a millionaire thinks spending money on themselves helps them to acquire skills. The author himself has invested a lot in himself and that what makes him outstanding in the crowd.

The book is written in a descriptive style. There are many takeaways, key points from the book which can be helpful to anyone in their self-transformation. And how the author has invested his time accordingly in each aspect of life also it is related to social, emotional, physical, family, health, Income and fixing the mind, etc.

To sum up, quickly, the author has shared everything about his personal and professional life. This book has really left a remarkable mark on me and I would highly recommend it to those who love reading self-help books and looking forward to transforming their lives and seeing it from a new aspect of view. 

Of course! His second book 6 Sundays a week is absolutely on my to-read list. You’ll be updated once the review is on the blog.

Thanks for reading!

Don’t forget to share your experiences in the comment box after reading this book. 

Let us know how this book helped you and how does it leave an impact on you? 

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  1. Great, seems to be an inspiring book!

  2. Nice description. Although I am not a good reader but I finished the book in 2.5 days. This book clearly explained the difference between average mindset & millionaires mindset. This book has impacted my thought process. Now, I am more empowered in my thoughts & beliefs.

  3. Mind-blowing.. really informative and inspiring stuff..

  4. nice one and seems like 6 sundays a week will be intersting... waiting for your next blog on it

    1. For sure! hope you have subscribed your email id for regular updates. Thank you.:)

    2. Nice review and am surely going to read the book 🙂

    3. that's great! do share your review here once you're done with it.

  5. I heard the book in two days flat. First word to describe it Impactful. Second Word Game-changer. It helps one to introspect our own lives One can easily draw parallels with the help of the book and review where we are at this moment. Further, the exercises mentioned are a realistic yardstick for oneself and inch you forward towards a better self. It's an honest book written with dedication to share the secrets of growth and success. I have shared it with friends as I feel its a must read. Undoubtedly it can catapult you to the next level in life. Thank you Dev for the inspirational work you are doing. Your passion bleeds through the book and that's what makes it so addictive to hear/ read above all else. Thanks Zareen Kahai

  6. It seems the book is worth giving a read. The blog is self explanatory though but has definitely created interest for the book... Really liked the gist.