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Gift ideas for Father's Day 2020

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“Don’t forget to express your love to your Father”

Father’s day is soon approaching and there are so many ways to show our love by varieties of gifts but very few options are available as we know it because of the lockdown. It might be difficult to go outside and to shop for your father. But don’t worry! We’re here with a few ideas on how to make it special even within your budget and personality. They’ll arrive at your doorstep before the day arrives. This year, father’s day will be celebrated on June 21 (Sunday), 2020.

Do you want to gift your dad? looking for the best option available?

What do you think your father likes the most?

Books? Accessories? Technology? watching movies? music? cooking? etc.

He might not tell you this but you’re the one who knows him the best. Ask these questions and figure it out yourself what’s gonna suit him the best for a perfect token of love on this father’s day.

Books in mind

  • Confessions of the World's Best Father

An amazing read for new fathers or soon to be fathers. The book has many vibrant pictures that new fathers can easily relate to. The funny pictures show the relation between the father and the daughter how they spent time with each other and cherished every moment. If You're blessed with a daughter then You’ll enjoy reading this book, calling to all the new fathers, and soon to be to check out this book. Give it a try.

  • Daddy by Tarun S Sinha

Mother is not the one who understands the child but a father equally puts an effort to understand the child's behavior. The book is a combination of many things like it’ll make you laugh and cry both. This book is based on fatherhood who share their tips, advice, suggestions, and advice from pediatrician and child psychologists. The author shares about his upbringing with his father as to how they deal with behavioral issues which shouldn’t have been ignored by any parent. Again a must-read book for new fathers who can prepare themselves in advance on how to deal with their precious child.

  • Dude! You’re gonna be a dad by John Pfeiffer

A man must support his lady not throughout her pregnancy days but till the delivery is attempted. This book throws light on how a man who is soon to be a dad is supposed to become a little more responsible. The book is highly recommendable to all new and soon to be fathers that how can they surprise their wife and do their best to prepare their mind in advance. There are many takeaway key points for new fathers.

These books can be gifted to any dad on this coming special occasion.

Love for Accessories

If your father is the one who has a love for accessories and If he likes watches and sunglasses, then, check out this brand cameriifashion

It’s an Indian based brand and is the most popular among Indian youth.

Brand: Camerii

They’ve many varieties of fashion accessories such as watches and sunglasses with many colors and features available with the latest trends. The men watches are very stylish with a heavy big dial, a day and date watch, and a chronograph watch available at an affordable price, etc.

Brand: Camerii

This brand has got some cool aviators, UV protected sunglasses as well, etc.
You can grab their products before the stock ends.

Love DIY cards

A card is another way to show your pure emotions to your father. You can express your emotions on the card by doing your creativity and making it a special one for him. You can check DIY to get some ideas.

Love for Baking

Does your father have a sweet tooth? then you should try out this recipe. The recipes explain a healthy cookie that is rich in fiber and doesn’t include any kind of refined flour, eggs, oil, etc., the recipe can be made within 30 minutes.

For Serving (10 cookies)


Oats powder:1/4 cup (roasted and blended)

Rolled Oats: 2tbsp (roasted)

Wheat Flour: 1/4 cup

Salt: a pinch

Baking soda: 1/4 tsp

Jaggery powder: 2tbsp

Honey: 2tbsp

Unsalted butter: 2tbsp

Milk: 2tbsp (if required to make the batter smooth)

How to make it:

Mix all the dry ingredients together and keep aside.

Add Unsalted butter and jaggery powder together and mix it well.

now, add dry ingredients into wet ingredients.

The texture shouldn't be hard nor very soft.

Baking Temperature:

Preheat OTG: 10minutes

Mode: Convection

Time: 15minutes

let it be cool on the grill and now it's ready to eat.

A Movie Date

Being a responsible citizen of our Country India, it becomes our responsibility to not to go outside unnecessarily. We should avoid going out and stay at home as much as possible. Watching a movie at home is never a bad idea but the most appreciated ones, for this, you can plan it to get the feel of a theatre-like already deciding in advance which movie are you going to watch, options can be chosen from Netflix, amazon prime, Hotstar, Alt Balaji, etc. , making pop-corn or any of your favorite snacks, Having chilled beer or any type of beverage with it. Dimming the light and sitting with everyone will make it worth watching.

Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

These are in trend nowadays. However, they’re comfortable and light-weighted. Check this out which has features available like magnetic charger, inbuilt mic, 100 hours standby, and waterproof. It’s very much comfortable.

You can check out for more personalized gift items too like a coffee mug, name on a pen, a t-shirt, a photo frame, a nameplate, etc.

Let us also know how you are making this father’s day special.


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