Friday, June 19, 2020

Try out these breathing exercises on this International Yoga Day

On this International Yoga day i.e. on June 21st,2020. Let us focus on breathing exercises while performing different yoga poses which increases our strength and flexibility. We all know as and when a baby arrives in this world, the first thing a baby does is to ‘breath’ and that first breath is nature’s purest sign of life that we see. Breathing is of course what we do every second and every day of our life. And deep breathing adds a valuable role in our life and every cell in our body gets recharged after deep breathing. Let us see what are the health benefits of doing this.

Deep breathing helps in:

  • Connecting with our body which takes away all the stress and worries.
  • Improving physical as well as mental health.
  • To stay calm which gives clarity in our thoughts.
  • Calming our nervous system.
  • Improving the lungs and digestive system and providing the required oxygen to the brain.
  • Feeling rejuvenated and enhancing our inner beauty.



1. First, sit in a comfortable position.

2. The spine should be straight. You can sit on the couch but best is to sit on a yoga mat.

3. There shouldn't be any kind of distraction while maintaining this posture.

4. Keep your facial muscles loose. 

1. Bhramari:- means the goddess of a honeybee. (A two-minute exercise)     

  • Allow your eyes to be closed with the tips of your forefingers and close your ears too with the help of your thumb.
  • Now slowly inhale deeply and while exhaling tries to make the 'hmmm' sound without opening the mouth (Also known as bee breathing technique).
  • Try to maintain a focus on this “Hmmm” sound and feel its vibration deeply.
  • Do this 3 times at a minimum.

 Note: Before opening your eyes, you have to rub your hands gently for a minimum of 30 seconds which will create energy known as ‘heat energy’ and place your hands all over your body parts and then open your eyes slowly.

2.  Aum (OM) chanting:- ( a three-minute exercise)

Aum is the universal sound. This mantra is known as the most effective method of meditation. This represents the power of the highest vibrations. One feels relaxed and stress-free after feeling its pure form of vibration. ‘OM’ is the short form of ‘AUM’.

  • It activates our root chakra. This is done with Gyan mudra but to gain more benefit, this can be done with pran mudra as well. Doing meditation with these mudras helps us to increase our concentration power.
  • Allow your eyes to close and make a sound with the word ‘O’ and feel its vibration.
  • You’ll feel a sense of vibration in your abdominal area.
  • Repeat this three times.
  • You can end this by saying ‘Shanti’ 3 times.

 Note: It purifies the environment and soothes our nervous system.

Out of our 24hrs of the busy schedule, we can take just 5 minutes to do these exercises which will help us to stay calm and more focussed. Believe me! You’ll feel more energetic after doing this and with its regular practice, it can be noticed that one has become more calm and lively. 

These breathing exercises must be included in our daily workout routine. let us know which all breathing exercises you do everyday to balance the energy system of the body.

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