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The Best Foods to Boost Milk Supply in Nursing Mothers


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Hello Mommies!

I would like to thank my friend Radhika Srinath for this wonderful guest post. Undoubtedly, it's helpful for all the nursing mothers who're looking forward to boosting their milk supply.

The Best Foods to Boost Milk Supply in Nursing Mothers

Many new mothers, especially first-time mothers find it difficult to nurse their babies. It's either because they are misinformed about their own capability to feed or doubts that the baby is fed enough. Mostly, just the mother's milk is more than enough for the growth and development of the infant, and it's very essential to know some do's and don'ts while feeding your baby. First thing, make sure you have enough supply by checking with your gynecologist and that the baby is comfortable getting latched to you.

Let me reiterate that feeding your baby only with mother's milk for at least six months plays a major role in the overall health of your baby. Also, mothers can continue feeding their babies till, at least, two years of age, adding complementary food along the way as your little one develops. I would love to share some of the foods that help increase your milk supply naturally so that you need not to worry about it while feeding.

  • Garlic boiled in cow's milk

Taking a handful of garlic boiled in milk, preferably cow's milk, increases the mother's milk supply to a great extent and also helps keep cancer tissues from developing. Just taking garlic for three or four days gives a drastic increase in the mother's supply. Just dry roasting garlic and having it along with jaggery also helps increase the mother's milk supply. Garlic is a wonderful gift from nature and helps keep female hormones in the right balance.

  • Asafoetida

Blocks of asafoetida are preferred over powdered ones and are available in supermarkets. heat up a pan and put the block into it and you can see it loosening with heat. turn off the heat after it's loosened and while it's still warm break it up into pieces, roll it into tiny tablets and store it in an air-tight container. After meals, take this one tablet a day to increase milk supply in feeding mothers. Normally, new mothers are advised to take some extra amount of food in order to be able to better feed the little one. Taking this tablet after meals helps release built-up gas in your body and eases digestion. 

  • Raw Papaya

Shred raw papaya, cook it until it's soft and temper - it's said to improve vitamin A along with milk production. It's a great way to increase immunity and other essential vitamins in the newborn through the mother's feed.

  • Fenugreek/Methi

Either taking methi leaves or as seeds help increase milk supply. Taking a spoonful of methi seeds first thing in the morning helps in digestion too and keeps your blood sugar level under control.

  • Barley

Those few months after delivery is when most mothers put on a lot of weight. Boil barley and take it with milk either sweet or salty, as you like it, for breakfast - this dish will fill up your tummy, and also those low calories will help manage your weight gain.

  • Broken wheat

This can be taken either as broth just like barley mentioned above or simply cooked as Khichdi. Take wheat in any form - roti or any type of Indian bread helps to increase milk supply. 

  • Curry leaves

The curry leaves that we get for free as a compliment for buying veggies in the market is actually packed with a lot of folic acids. After delivery, when the mother is taking solid food for the first time, curry leaf powder with boiled rice is suggested as the first option as it will digest easily and will offer all those nutrients necessary for the new mother. Fry the leaves with a little oil and grind it to make chutney along with other essential ingredients, which will go as a side dish with rice or also as a pickle for Rotis.

  • Drumstick flowers

These flowers can be plucked directly from the tree or gathered by laying a clean cloth under the tree as it falls. cook these fresh white flowers along with small onions and some dried red chilies to go as your side dish for rice/roti. They will give you a burst of energy and nutrients that within a few days you can see the difference in your milk supply. They are packed with wonderful nutrients to give your little ones strength and immunity.

  • Potato with cumin seeds

Boil potatoes, temper and cook it with a lot of jeera seeds - helps in improving milk supply as well as a treat to your taste buds. Just like fenugreek, a spoonful of jeera seeds with warm water in the morning on an empty stomach helps digestion and keeps a check with your sugar level.

  • Sago

These tiny white beads can be boiled in milk either sweet or salty as you like it. Making a kheer out of it will satiate your taste buds and also improve your milk supply. Please make sure you buy the genuine ones as plastics fabricated to look like sago can easily cheat you.

Most first-time mothers go through depression which is a major issue and will diminish your normal milk production in your body. If you would like to feed your baby mother's milk, please be confident of yourself - these moments will wither away with time, so every time while feeding your baby, please sit comfortably and feed peacefully enjoying those precious moments you bond with your baby.

It is natural to doubt if your body is making enough milk for your baby, but trust me, all mothers are equipped with the necessary mechanism to fulfill your baby's needs. As the baby keeps suckling on, nature will do its job to increase the right amount of milk it needs, our bodies do such an amazing job and tune in to the requirements - the more the baby suckles the brain signals the bosom to produce more milk, just like demand and supply in the market.

Despite the pain you go through, the sacrifices you make in the name of your child, these early moments in your motherhood journey are wonderful moments that are better experienced than said. Be proud that you are making the next generation of kids healthy and happy while enjoying your part along the way!

Happy and healthy nursing, mommies!

Hope this article is helpful to you.

Don’t forget to share how you are feeling while nursing. You can share your own experience also how did you boost your milk supply and what all did you do your best?

Don't feel disheartened if you've not fed your baby due to some reason. Don't feel guilty for the same. Despite being guilty, feel grateful to be a mother. You know the best for your child.

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