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Book Review: Blooming Beyond Pain


Book: Blooming Beyond Pain- "A guide to healing your soul after the loss of a loved one"

Publisher: Notion press

Author: Dr. Shruthi M S

Genre: Non-fiction (Self-Help)

Pages: 119

Rating: 4.5*

Reading Time for the blog: 3 minutes

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Why Did I Choose This Book?

It is always wiser to learn from other people's experiences. We all face pain in our life. Pain is inevitable. Being a curious person to know about the healing process and the author’s journey from “Grief to grace” caught my attention to pick this book and read it to the last word. 


About The Book:

The book has two parts:

In the first part-

  •  The author has described her husband, who was a fighter, a dreamer, and an achiever.

  • How did she lose him? How she gathered all her courage and told her two little princesses about their father's demise.

  • How was it difficult for her brave daughters to accept the reality? 

  • How difficult is it for a widow to live in a society?

In the second part:

  •  The author has explained beautifully how she rewired her brain to harness the mind.

  • How gracefully she has accepted the sudden loss of her loved husband and overcame it in a brief period.

  • How she has done herself healings. How she turned herself into a new person?

She strongly believes if we rewire our brain with new thoughts every day that will go to help us from creating a mess.

 About the Author: DR SHRUTHI M S


The author is the mother of two princesses. She lost her husband in a terrible accident last year(2020). She is a lecturer at the Department of Biosciences, Mangalore University. The author is passionate about nutrition and wellness too. 

Her purpose behind writing this book is not only to let people remember her husband Suku's virtues stay alive in everyone's 💓 but also she is conveying a deep and meaningful message by this book and expressed her journey towards “blooming beyond pain”. 

How Is This Book Helpful?

  • To move you “forward

  • Guidance on “self-healing process

  • Embrace “the present

  • Mindfulness techniques” to practice

  • Advice on accepting “the bitter-truth of life


Who the Book Is For?

  • If you’re the one who is looking for some hope and the ray of light in the journey of life. 

  • For all those who have lost their loved ones and are trying to overcome the pain.

  • For those widows who want to live like other normal women in society.

  • For those kids, who lost their parents at such an early age. The book can help them in boosting their confidence.

  • For each and everyone who is in pain and looking for self-acceptance.

What were my Emotions I was Going Through while reading This Book?

The news of the sudden death of someone can shake any of us. But it's the bitter truth of life that we need to accept. It's easy to say these lines, but to accept this harsh reality is almost impossible.

The first part of the book gave me goosebumps.

But the second part gave me the courage to accept and know-how can we gather the strength again to live. How we can accept the new-normal life again. But after reading this book, one in pain will start feeling better. This book contains some brilliant advice on how to accept what’s written in our destiny?

The best part about this book is that it has taught us a lesson with each chapter. It also gives a few practical exercises to analyze our problems and pain areas, where all we need to focus.

Learning From The Book:

  • Some actions have to take towards healing.

  • How to have your perfect day.

  • How to reframe the Beliefs, etc.


So, What’re You Waiting For?

The Writing style is lucid and engaging.

The author now has set an example of her inspiring journey for those who are going through the same circumstances.

This book will inspire you and give you a “new perspective towards Life”.

One can feel the pain of the author deeply and also know how she turned it into fuel for her courage. I’m sure while reading this book, you will not only feel emotionally attached but also you will feel the pain of the author.

How hard was it for her and it is still?

But believe me!

A new seed of Courage gets planted in you forever.

Note: Please don’t miss this abstract poetry “My Soul Can Feel You” straight from the heart of the author on page no. 111 in the book.

Keep Healing!

Let's discuss “how you heal yourself when you’re in pain”?

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