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Book Review-Working Mothers

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Publisher: Notion press

Author: Farhana Iffath

Genre: Non-Fiction 

Pages: 86

Rating: 4.5*

Reading Time for the blog: 2 minutes

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Why did I choose this book?

 It’s important to appreciate every woman for their efforts they put in. The title of the book “Working Mothers - You are just wow” is not a book focussed on salaried women but equally also for all those women who work selflessly for their families and kids, etc.

About The Book:

There is always something to learn from everyone, so the same way the author has shared about her and other women's experience. She shares a few secrets for all those mothers who need a little advice on their parenthood journey. 

The book is based on the author's personal experiences where she explains how living in a joint family has helped her develop team-building skills, behavioral skills, planning time management, and of course financial management. The author’s secrets are like having patience and knowing your child.

About The Author: Farhana Iffath

The author is a multi-tasker who is a Soft Skills and Personality Development Trainer, also a founder of “IPH - the playschool, Ranipet, and also an IT Professional. She wants to inspire the working mothers of the 21st century to get rid of the Guilt-trips they undergo.

How Is This Book Helpful?

The author has talked about a few hard-working mothers with unique personalities and how they have balanced their work-life and motherhood. And how they cope with the pressure and how they used to multitask even while taking care of their children as well.

Chapter number 9 - Know your child from the book is a must-read. It explains how to know about your child’s multiple intelligences.

Who is the book for?

All those mothers who are looking for some inspiration and those who appreciate other women’s hard work.

Every Mother has her own secret of how they want their kids to grow up. 

So, what’re you waiting for?

I appreciate the beauty in the author's writing where her focus is on all the mothers and the children who are  connected emotionally with each other.

This is a short and simple reading book. Fathers can also read this book to understand and to appreciate the efforts of their women in life.

If you’re the one looking to know the secret of other mothers, how well they have raised their kids along with managing multiple tasks at a time. Then click on the link below to grab your copy now.

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Kindle edition

Happy Motherhood!

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