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Book Review: Write - Find Your Own Mind as a Writer

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Book Review: Write - Find Your Own Mind as a Writer

Author: Vandana Sehgal

Genre: Nonfiction (Self-Help)

Pages: 70

Rating: 4.5*

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An inspiring quote from the author

“If you can write your story,

You can write any story” - Vandana Sehgal

 ·    Do you feel stuck while writing?

·     Are you passionate about writing?

·     Have you ever asked yourself, is it important to write every day?


About the author: Vandana Sehgal


The author is a Holistic Wellness Coach and a Book Coach. Her first book, I Love Myself -Discover A life through Self-Love, allows you to move into a positive and progressive mindset. She lives in Sweden with her family.

About the book


The book divides into three sections:

 1. Writing

  •     The author is throwing some light here on everything about writing like how to add writing to your daily life, for whom you should write, how to be creative while writing, how to overcome procrastination and writer’s block, etc.

2. Tips on writing

  •     As a writer, it’s a crucial step to know what you should be careful about. The author has explained the useful tips beautifully which one would benefit from.

3. Tips on editing

  • To make your content look more organized and attractive, it’s always wiser to do proof-reading before you publish it. The author has shared a few tips about how you can edit your draft/manuscript successfully.


Who is the book for?


The book is for all those who see themselves as a writer in them. The book will inspire you to take some action by answering a few questions related to your writing schedule, publishing, marketing, and editing, etc. 


The writing style is clear and relatable. I found the structure of the book unique where the author has discussed a challenge and has put in her best efforts to explain in the best possible way.


Undoubtedly, the book is for all those who see themselves as a writer and looking to explore their true potential in the world of writing. It’ll make you meet ‘the writer in you’ and help you in overcoming the writer’s block and procrastination. If you’re serious about becoming a passionate writer. You should grab the book now and allow yourself to welcome you into the world of writing.


I wasn’t regular in my writing journey, but I always procrastinate and used to feel guilty about it later on. I picked up this book to know how can I write every day. This book has helped me to maintain discipline in my writing schedule. Hope I will continue the enthusiasm of writing every day, even if it’s just 200 words. 

So, What’re you waiting for?

Grab the book now to explore yourself as a writer in you.

Keep writing!

Check out the author’s first book: I LOVE MYSELF


Looking forward to reading the third book of the author that is based on ‘Mindfulness

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