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Book Review: Heartbeat - A Journey to Motherhood


Book: Heartbeat - A Journey to Motherhood

Publisher: 24by7publishing

Author: Monali Kakoty

Genre: Non-fiction (Self-Help), (Motherhood)

Pages: 87

Rating: 4*

Reading Time for the blog: 3 minutes

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 *Are you going to be a "mom-to-be soon"?

*Are you a "first-time parent"?

*Are you looking for pieces of advice on "how to deal with postpartum depression after childbirth"?  

It's a dream of every woman to become a mother once in her life so that she can experience this gift of nature “The Motherhood”. And it becomes reality when the heartbeat shows in the ultrasound machine and it is confirmed that she is going to be a mother soon. 


Why Did I Choose This Book?

Although, the motherhood journey starts when the baby is in her womb itself. Do you always wonder how a woman connects with her baby after getting an ultrasound done? A new life is born in her womb just right after that “one heartbeat” she hears. 


About the Author


Monali is a freelance writer and editor. She teaches English in a reputed school in Delhi. She has written various articles for various online and offline magazines, newspapers, and blogs, etc. The author has spent her childhood days amidst the tea gardens in the easternmost part of Assam. She pursued her bachelor's in English Literature from Delhi University.


About the Book

Every woman would be happy to share her first-time pregnancy news with everyone. But she has different emotions going on within her mind. Like the same, the author has also shared all about her personal experiences of being a new mother. What all trauma she was facing and despite all the struggles during trimesters, the feel of the baby's movement could make her excited and positive to face all the struggles. 


Being a first-time mother, you shall not know what all difficulties would be there. But the author has put her best efforts to describe every phase of pregnancy a mother would face.


The book has eight small chapters that depict the idea. A few are like Motherhood, Smiles, and struggles, Feeding right, keeping the baby healthy and happy. Etc.

This book will help you in clearing all your little doubts related to the growth of the child during their first 1000 days.

The author truly believes that, while taking care of the baby, a mother should equally practice self-care. you need to read the book to know about those valuable tips.


We all want to know - How Is This Book Helpful?

  • useful self-care tips for a new mother.
  • Awareness about phases of pregnancy.
  • Motherhood- a career halt or an opportunity.
  • How a baby communicates through sounds-crying, cooing and squealing, etc.



Who should read this book?

This is a quick read and full of content for all "moms-to-be, and already first-time mothers".

 The book is highly recommended for all those who’re looking for advice on how to deal with newborn stages like crawling, Potty-training, teething, talking, walking and traveling, etc.


The book also expresses the heart of a new mother filled with emotions. The writing style is lucid and engaging. 

This is a short-read book with resourceful content, especially not to be ignored by those women who're planning for the newborn. This book will not only make you enter the journey of pregnancy dilemma but also how to handle the newborn afterward.

So, What’re You Waiting For?

Come on ladies, it is always best to learn from other mother’s experiences. Just cherish the moment of being in motherhood with a cup of coffee along with the book. Get yourself immersed in the book to experience motherhood. This book will help you celebrate the womanhood, motherhood in you. 

On this International Women's day 2021, get yourself acknowledged with the book.

The book is for all those supportive fathers too who want to support their wives in the journey of parenthood and making this a beautiful journey altogether.

And last, please don't forget to comment “what motherhood” means to you?

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