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Book Review: Life - I Want to Look at You Another Way



Book: Life - I want to look at you another way

Publisher: 24by7publishing.com

Author: Sanjeev Mittal and Rukshana K.

Genre: Non-fiction (Self-Help)

Pages: 217

Rating: 4.5*

Reading Time for the blog: 3 minutes

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 Q. Have you ever asked yourself whether you are living your life consciously?

Q. Are you enjoying your life or just passing the day by?

Q. Are you “Missing you”?


If such questions occur in your mind. Then I am here with an incredible book that shows us “how to live holistically”. The book throws light on how can you discover your life's purpose through holistic living. Holistic is a lifestyle and a novel way of living.


Why Did I Choose This Book?


After lockdown, we all know how much we’re more occupied with our daily routine work. Life has completely taken a new turn after the pandemic. This is the situation with everyone and we stop enjoying life. The catchy book title caught my attention and convinced me to pick up this book to find the true purpose of my life. 

About The Authors

The Author Sanjeev Mittal: is a natural wellness enthusiast, yogi by nature, and a mentor to many, firmly believe that everyone may live a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life.

The Author Rukshana Karanjawla : is a corporate professional living her dream exploring the world of natural wellness. Her every firm belief emanates from Good Thoughts, Good Words, and Good Deeds.

About The Book:


The book is about 7 friends named Tanya, Agar, Bala, ZK, and Liza. Pranav, CEO, Mumbai is the one who feels like missing himself, especially in the pandemic situation where his other friend Bedi also agreed with him.


They all stayed there at the Luxo resort in Goa, India. They all got together after 25 years of their college days. They stayed in The Luxo, the resort in Goa. Their purpose was “to discover their life through holistic living” from their personal experiences. The book will help you take charge of yourself. It’ll advise you in your transformation journey of living your life every day. It’s a well-defined story that will inspire you to harmonize the Mind, Body, Soul, Work, and Relationships, etc. 


The author has covered a lot of topics like mindfulness, create financial abundance, discovering the true purpose, overcoming your limiting belief, and inspiring others, etc. You need to read this inspiring book to know more about it.


During their stay at the resort, they could discuss the seven interconnected elements for a balanced life. Those are like Physical wellness, Intellectual WellnessEmotional Wellness, Financial Wellness, Occupational Wellness, Socio-environmental Wellness, and Spiritual Wellness etc.

At the end of the trip, everyone could explore theirs life’s purpose. They realized that Holistic living is the novel way of living our life consciously and making it better by each day.


Who the Book Is For?

§  For all age groups. - Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Students, and Homemakers, etc.

§  For those who're looking for a holistic approach towards a continuatively life.

§  For those who’re looking to transform themselves.

§  For those who're going through a tough phase in their life.

§  For those who’re looking for fulfillment and true happiness


How Is This Book Helpful?

§   To shift your thoughts towards a positive mindset

§  To improve your relationship.

§  To find the purpose of your life.

§  To embrace a healthier and a happier way of life.

§  To find the practical approach towards a holistic life


The Key Takeaways from the book 

  • Connect with your Inner Self
  •  Dissolve Your Ego 
  • Design the flow of life
  •  Be mindful and stay focused
  •  Build relations 
  • Be respectful 
  • learn to let go 
  • Be conscious of your Karma 
  • Express Gratitude 
  • Live your dreams today, no regrets tomorrow

I highly recommend the book to all those who’re looking for some kind of inspiration in their daily life. One must check out this book to find out the answers to Who Am I? and Why Am I Here? This is such an insightful book and acts as a guide for “Action-Takers”. The writing style is lucid and gives you practical tips to become a better you. The book title justifies the content of the book. The book throws light on each area where one needs to work upon whether it’s physical or mental health. If you’re looking for a quick push then, this book belongs to you.


I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book. The book is definitely on my “To-be read” list again. If you want to open up yourself towards holistic living, then this is the book for you.

Note: Don’t miss on checking out “101 days of New Habitson page no. 203.  

Let's discuss “what holistic approach you’re going to apply in your day-to-day life?” 

So, What’re You Waiting For? Grab your copy now.

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  1. Very well structured review. You gave all the important reasons why a reader needs to pick this book.
    I guess this is a very valuable book that covers all the important spheres of holistic wellness.