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Book Review: Of Rains and More - Rains and Everything About It


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Book: Of Rains and More - Rains and Everything About It

Publisher: Notionpress

Author: Arti P.

Genre: Poetry (focussed more on rains)

Pages: 34

Rating: 4.5*

Reading Time for the blog: 3 minutes

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About the author: Arti P.


Arti is a voracious reader and thinks that the whole world starts and ends with books. She has done her MBA in Marketing. Her hobbies are reading, writing, and observing small, sweet moments of nature.


About the book:


In this upcoming rainy season, we’ve come up with this wonderful poetic book “OF RAINS AND MORE”. I'm presenting you the author, Ms. Arti p. who has written 55 verses of poetry which are mainly inspired by rains and followed by the day-to-day emotions of our life. After all these poetries, there will not be any beautiful emotion untouched. As the author’s close observation has recognized those emotions. Her powerful skill of writing has made these poetries lively.  



It seems like the author loves and enjoys “the beauty of the rain”. The emotions we feel during the monsoon season. The author has expressed that almost all the festivities occur during the rainy season. As we know, for lovers, the rain makes their long drives romantic. For kids, it is all about dancing in the rain. For book lovers; it's a date with the book and a cup of coffee.



The author has penned down each poetry with a brilliant observation. The author had observed and expressed every emotion of her life in this poetic book. She has expressed her feelings as the perfect verses. The author has used Hindi words like “Vahana” for goddess Lakshmi and the “Varsha Ritu” means the rainy season that makes the poetries deeper.


Who is the book for?


  • Kids, youngsters, and the elders can read it.

  • Highly recommended for lovers who love rains.

  • For all the poetry lovers.



You can pick any poetry randomly and start reading it. I loved the whole feel of the book. The writing style, font size, and font style make the book easy to read. 


You’ll be able to relate your life observations with the verses of this book.


The “book-cover” is a treat to the eyes. I appreciate the beauty of the book cover. It reminds me of the rainy season when I am sitting on my balcony and gossiping with the love of my life with a cup of tea and fritters. 


There’s nothing in this book which you can’t relate to auspicious occasions of the year like Raksha Bandhan. It relates a few other poems to Heaven, Teacher’s day, and Lockdown, etc. This is one of the best poetry books I have come across.


So, what’re you waiting for?


If you’re a poetry lover, grab your copy now. 


The book will leave you entertained and with a happy feeling in the end.


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Let us know in the comment box, “How do you like to spend your time in the rainy season”? 


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