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Book Review: The Kintsugi Moms - Transformative Insights from a Healer’s Diary


The Kintsugi Moms - Transformative Insights from a Healer’s Diary



Book: The Kintsugi Moms - Transformative Insights from a Healer’s Diary

Publisher: Hay House India

Author: Dr. Haseena Chokkiyil

Genre: Non-fiction (Self-Help & Personal Growth)

Pages: 226

Rating: 4.5*/5

Reading Time for the blog: 3 minutes

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 Q. Do you want to know how you can heal yourself from physical ,mental or psychosomatic challenges?

Q. Are you looking for Self-Transformation?

Q. Are you  struggling with bitter life experiences in your past and want to rebuild “A NEW YOU”?


If the answer to any or all of these questions is, Yes, then we’re here with the right book by the author Dr. Haseena Chokkiyil


Why Did I Choose This Book? 

I am in touch with Dr. Haseena  for a long time now. I knew she was writing her masterpiece and was eagerly waiting for the book to be launched since 2 years. The book cover caught my attention along with the catchy title “The Kintsugi Moms. The word Kintsugi is a Japanese word which means “The art of putting  broken pieces back together with gold and lacquer” thus making the object more strong and beautiful than its previous state.The very concept intrigued me and kindled my curiosity to know more of what is inside the book.


 About The Author: Dr. Haseena Chokkiyil

Dr.Haseena Chokkiyil is a holistic healer with over twenty-five years of experience in the field. Apart from being a graduate in homeopathic medicine and a globally licensed  Heal Your Life workshop facilitator,she is also a clinical nutritionist and psychological counselor. Being a single mom herself who conquered Addison’s disease and cancer with the same tools she trained herself into, she truly leads by example. Presently, she is working as the chief medical officer at a homeopathic hospital in Kerala, India. Our first Miss.Universe from India  Ms.Sushmita Sen who is a proud single mom and a phenomenon in herself has been a great inspiration for the author in her healing journey.


About The Book:

 The book is an anthology of 8 single moms’ healing journeys who were dilapidated in myriad ways to begin with.

In the first part of the book,  the author has vividly depicted the lives of those warrior moms, the ways they transformed from brokenness to the best possible versions of themselves. The real-life stories based on true events explains in detail how everything in life can go for a toss within the blink of an eye and break you into bits and pieces and  how  one can  get healed  and transformed with the holistic healing tools advocated by the author. Any cracks in your life can be  mended and made into adornments to be proud of. The protagonists talk about stress, anxiety, loneliness and depression, the negative vibes, and how helpless they felt when unexpected tragedies happened to them.

The second part of the book, discusses about  the healing tools the author implemented in her clientele with phenomenal success.The possibilities of holistic healing modalities like Homoeopathy and other mind body healing techniques like the practice of affirmations and visualization, mirror work,gratitude journaling, right  diet plan,exercise and regimen ,are dealt with in such simple language that even a person with little knowledge of the English language and medicine can assimilate and apply for radical healing of any health challenge.

Some of the techniques like, the Ho’oponopono technique, Inner child meditation, and the forgiveness exercises seemed very interesting.


 Who the Book Is For?


  •   Though the protagonists in the book happen to be Single Moms,the tools and techniques for total healing mentioned in the book are applicable to anyone in search for a radical change in life.
  •   For those who are struggling to connect with themselves
  •   For those who are looking to heal themselves
  •   For those who want to extricate from habitual patterns of living and transform.
  •   For those looking for a change in their mindset. 


  Learning From The Book: 

·      No challenge in life is insurmountable provided you have the right guidance.

·      Take out some time to practice self love.

·      Walk your unique path, the path that’s only yours to travel.

·      Find your true calling.

This is such an inspirational book for every one,not necessarily  single moms who are looking for self-transformation. The book helps in enhancing both your inner and outer personality.


These moms’ stories have proved that everything is possible with the right approach and under expert guidance.  The writing style is lucid, and so much relatable

“Being a mother myself, I could relate to other moms’ feelings when it comes to their kids.  I am thankful to my kid for allowing me to nurture her.” I highly recommend  this book to every woman who needs a healing and apply the techniques outlined in throughout the book to create the life of your dreams.

A few lines from the book

  • “Loving yourself is the most important kind of love. We all need to be very clear that the love in our lives begins with us.”


 Note:  The author concludes the book with an inspirational message.That  being a  mother is a woman's greatest strength . Once she realizes her true potential, she becomes insurmountable and undefeatable. I would like to request the author to write something for stay-at-home moms like me as well in future, as this is also a community of women who are many a time undervalued, and  taken for granted by the world at large.

 So, what’re you waiting for?

Grab your copy now

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