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LIVE SMART- 100 hacks for a healthier and happier life by Teja Lele

Book: LIVE SMART- 100 hacks for a healthier and happier life

Publisher: Harpercollins

Author: Teja lele

Genre: Non-fiction (Self-Help)

Pages: 245

Rating: 4*/5

Reading Time for the blog: 3 minutes

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 Q. Do you want to live smartly?

Q. Are you looking for practical ways to organize your daily life?


About The Author: Teja Lele

 Teja Lele changed twelve schools in as many years, and credits her adaptability to her army-brat upbringing. Inspired by The Fountainhead, she trained as an architect but soon realized her building blocks were words and sentences, not bricks and concrete. An editor for twenty years, she has been DIYing ever since she discovered the joy of making over and upcycling. She loves to read, watch crime on the telly, and believes the best stories are found between the pages of a passport.


About The Book:

The book divides into 5 sections.

1.    Home - You can expect a lot of DIY hacks in the home like cleaning the AC filter, replacing a light switch, making the laundry powder, or fixing a flat tire, etc. 


2.             Food and Kitchen - This is one of my favourites as I spend my most of the day in the kitchen. DIY hacks are like how to make homemade mayonnaise, reuse old bread, how to purify water, how to grow micro greens and clear a blocked sink, etc.


3.             Beauty - Those who have skin allergies and don’t use products full of chemicals. I am sure, one will surely fall in love with these DIY hacks. These are easy to make and to use. A few of the hacks are how to make natural eye shadow, making a homemade shampoo by using products like reetha, amla, and shikakai, etc, making know making natural toothpaste, and many more. One must pick up the book now to know making more homemade products that are pure.


4.             Health and well-being - It is rightly said that health is wealth. One can’t live a happy life if the health is not well. Though the author has put in her best efforts in giving suggestions for basic hacks that are beneficial in the long run. 


5.             Reuse and Recycle - We all are aware of how much we have affected our environment. People are becoming smarter and saying ‘NO’ to plastic. One must follow these tricks to save our environment. You can find out more about it on page no. 207 in the book. 


Why should you read it?

If you follow all the DIYs mentioned in the book, will make you feel confident. It’ll boost your confidence like anything. The author has put in her best efforts to make us learn “the ethics of self-sufficiency”. All the mentioned DIYs are easy to follow and explained in simple language. Some I loved, and I am definitely gonna try to follow them myself. I hope the author will come soon with part 2 of the book with more DIYs hacks that are useful in our daily routine. 

We all know how covid time has taught us a valuable lesson. We all tried to become the better version of ourselves. I am sure, via this book, more and more people are going to feel self-confident when they will follow these basic DIYs.

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 So, what’re You Waiting For?

Grab the book now. 

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  1. Ok, I need all these hacks, to make my life easy. I love DIY and never miss a chance to try something interesting. I am definitely getting a copy soon.

  2. This book sounds like a one step solutions. Would like to read this book. Thanks for sharing such a detailed review, now we know what to expect from each section of the book.

  3. Well reviewed! I too read this book and it is on my desk always because of the great hacks it has. My fav sections from the book are home and kitchen.

  4. Hacks are something that makes our day to life easy. Many people are ignorant about hacks and go about life struggling with little things and wasting food and products. These hacks come in handy. Thank you for sharing,

  5. This is one book which I regret missing to grab a copy but very soon will pick a copy and read. Thanks for wonderful review

  6. Quite interesting that this kind of book has DIYs for the reader. Loved the concept. May check it out next year. Thanks for the recommendation.

  7. Wow this book definitely seems to be helpful to make life much easier. I'm definitely gonna help others by gifting this thanks for sharing this