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The Perfect 10 - 10-Minute Workouts You Can Do Anywhere by Yasmin Karachiwala


Book: The Perfect 10 (10-Minute Workouts You Can Do Anywhere)

Publisher: Penguin

Author: Yasmin Karachiwala (Celebrity Fitness Instructor)

Genre: Health & Fitness

Pages: 298

Rating: 4.5*

Reading Time for the blog: 3 minutes

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 Q. Don’t you have enough time to work out?

Q. Are you having trouble fitting exercise into your busy day?


Then, you should continue reading this blog till the end.


Why Did I Choose This Book?


The book serves as a reminder that prioritizing health and wellness doesn't always require much effort or time. All it requires is 10 minutes every day.




Yasmin Karachiwala is particularly recognized for her work in popularizing Pilates in India. She has been instrumental in promoting the benefits of Pilates for overall fitness, flexibility, and strength. Yasmin Karachiwala has a strong online presence, where she shares fitness tips, exercises, and wellness advice through her social media accounts and website.  She has trained several Bollywood celebrities, including Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt, Katrina Kaif, and many others. She has also authored another fitness book titled"Sculpt and Shape: The Pilates Way"


About The Book:


Yasmin Karachiwala's "10-Minute Workouts You Can Do Anywhere" appears as a fitness rescue in a world of hectic schedules and time restraints. With this book, Karachiwala offers an insightful and approachable method for staying healthy despite having a hectic schedule.

Yasmin Karachiwala addresses the value of incorporating fitness into our daily lives in the book's brief introduction. She knows that not everyone can dedicate themselves to extended gym sessions or complex exercise routines, so she has created a series of 10-minute workouts that can be performed almost anywhere.

Karachiwala's book stands out because of how straightforward and open it is. She describes exercises that require little to no equipment and are good for people of all fitness levels. Whether you're a total beginner or a seasoned fitness enthusiast, there are programs that may be customized to meet your unique demands.


Each exercise is carefully described with detailed directions and images that show the right form and technique. As she breaks down exercises into simple steps, Karachiwala demonstrates her experience as a celebrity fitness trainer, ensuring that readers can carry out the exercises safely and effectively.


The astonishing array of exercises offered covers a wide range of fitness objectives, from flexibility and relaxation to strength training and toning. You can select an exercise that meets your goals, whether they are to tone your body, enhance your cardiovascular health, or simply reduce stress.


The focus on reliability and developing habits is one of this book's most beneficial features. With 10-minute workouts, there's no reason not to make exercise a regular practice, as Karachiwala encourages readers to do.



Who the Book Is For?


·       Fitness Enthusiasts

·       Yoga Practitioners

·       People Seeking Core Strength:

·       Anyone Interested in Holistic Fitness



·       How Is This Book Helpful?

The book offers step-by-step instructions and illustrations for basic Pilates exercises.

·       Readers can choose workouts that align with their specific objectives.

·       This holistic approach to fitness can help individuals not only improve physical strength but also enhance mental well-being.

·       Yasmin Karachiwala's expertise as a celebrity fitness trainer adds credibility to the book's content. Readers can trust the guidance and advice provided based on her experience.

·       The book's focus on 10-minute workouts you can do anywhere makes it accessible for individuals with busy schedules. 


Learning From The Book.


1.   Time-Efficient Workouts: The book emphasizes the importance of making time for exercise, even in short 10-minute sessions. You will learn how to maximize the effectiveness of these brief workouts to achieve your fitness goals.

2.   No Equipment Necessary: Yasmin Karachiwala provides workouts that require minimal or no equipment. You'll discover how to use your body weight and simple props, if needed, to get a full-body workout without the need for a gym or specialized equipment.

3.   Versatile Workouts: The book offers a variety of workout routines tailored to different fitness goals. Whether you want to focus on strength, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, or stress reduction, you'll find workouts to suit your needs.

4.   Mind-Body Connection: Karachiwala incorporates mindfulness and relaxation techniques into some of the workouts. You'll gain insights into how exercise can contribute to mental well-being and stress reduction.

5.   Nutrition and Lifestyle Tips: While primarily focused on exercise, the book may also provide tips on nutrition and healthy living, complementing your fitness efforts with a well-rounded approach to wellness.



 Note: "The QR Code" is the book's greatest section. You can select your exercise and scan it with your mobile device whenever and wherever you like. The fitness video will appear on the screen as soon as you scan the code, so you can start exercising.


So, What’re You Waiting For?


With 10-minute workouts, there's no reason not to make exercise a regular practice, as Karachiwala encourages readers to do. It's an innovative strategy that advances long-term health and happiness.


Along with the exercises, Karachiwala provides helpful advice on eating, setting goals, and staying motivated. Her all-encompassing approach to exercise emphasizes the value of a healthy lifestyle that goes beyond the gym or living room.


Regardless of the situation, "10-Minute Workouts You Can Do Anywhere" is a helpful tool for anyone trying to get healthy. With Karachiwala's knowledge and friendly technique, this book is a great addition to your fitness library. It serves as a reminder that prioritizing health and wellness doesn't always require much effort or time. All it requires is 10 minutes every day.


Your wish for the last quarter of 2023

 Are You Both Excited about Your Second Pregnancy?

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Monday, September 25, 2023

Your wish for the last quarter of 2023


       Your wish for the last quarter of 2023


As soon as I opened the email, the blog hop "Your wish for the last quarter of 2023" caught my attention immediately. I was considering writing down my thoughts and sharing them with you all. Including today, there are 98 days till the end of the year 2023.


Why shouldn't it have been interesting during the first half of the year? Every new year brings with it fresh inspiration, anticipation, and a path to follow. Similarly, the first half of 2023 has been spent contentedly and calmly.


I've learned a lot about how to prioritize my needs as a person and how to manage my emotions in relationships alongside how to be a productive mum. There is always something to learn, but how much time and effort you are willing to invest will determine what you learn. This year, as I continued on my road to becoming both a digital creator and a blogger, I worked on my blog and engaged in multiple collaborations.


I have a lot of wishes that I'd like then to come true, but right now am focusing on cultivating my gratitude to achieve what I actually want in life. My specific wish for the final quarter of 2023 is "to Conceive naturally" for my second bundle of joy. The moment feels right now to give my little princess a younger sibling. Every time she spots a tiny infant in the park, she anticipates it and becomes excited.


Similar to any other woman, who might be considering this, you can have several thoughts prior to making pregnancy plans. What if I am unable to handle the added responsibilities? What if my younger child feels unappreciated? I'll have to deal with all of those difficulties, such as restless nights, heartburn, headaches, acidity problems, and so forth. My entire physique will shift for the time being, once more. Will I be able to love myself?


Before accepting my new desire, I thought about a few things. For example, am I prepared to welcome a second child? Am I psychologically and physically prepared for the same? My husband, too, is he prepared for the same? Are we able to support the addition of another child financially? Am I Prepared to Take on additional Responsibilities?


She is currently 4.5 years old and asks, "Mumma, when will my sibling arrive?" I wish to join him/her in play. I simply say "Soon" since this makes my heart melt. She prayed for the same thing on Janamashtmi and Ganesh Chaturthi, and she assured me she would take good care of everything herself if I got her the little one. Seeing how quickly she is developing and picking up new information overwhelms my heart. She seems to be more eager to meet the baby than I am, therefore I must not be as excited as she is. I am still preparing myself physically, mentally, and emotionally for the process of trying to conceive. I'm also busy getting my little one ready for the new arrival.



Consequently, I also feel discouraged about how I will handle things now that I have a toddler. Every day, responsibilities expand. I am not the same person I was earlier, but I have grown significantly in order to multitask. I'm crossing my fingers and praying for the best. I'm just visualizing everything I desire and sending out all the positive energy. When I consider how many mistakes I made throughout my first pregnancy, my heart breaks a little, but we don't learn and develop without failures and experiences. We learn the most from our experiences, though. I now pay more attention to both my body and my child.


 Yes, I extend a warm invitation to happiness. I extend the enjoyment. I am eager to start my second pregnancy and want to relive that joy. Yes! I am willing to experience all the difficulties once more. I hope to become a mother soon. I realize it's not simple. But it's also not impossible. Although your heart already knows what you want, you have to convince your mind.


There is no going back at this point. There are no wounds, no suffering, and no sadness. 'A NEW ME' is who I am. All I want is to be at my best. I give myself permission to forgive myself for all of my errors. I forgive everybody. I no longer hold expectations for people. I am working so hard to achieve happiness. I'm looking forward to a long and happy life. To show my young princess that her mother is a powerful woman, I want to do this. For the chance to see her smile, I would do everything for her.


Affirmations to stay positive:


1. "I am open to happiness, and I choose to embrace joy in every moment.

2. I deserve to be happy, and I attract positivity and happiness into my life effortlessly.

3. Happiness flows through me, radiating from my heart and filling my life with love, laughter, and contentment.

4. I am a magnet for happiness, and I choose to share my joy with others, spreading happiness wherever I go."

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Note: I sincerely hope you enjoyed reading my blog. I treated you as a friend by sharing all of my private ideas. I hope that a lot of women who consider having a baby later on will read this blog.

“The best present a mother can offer to her child is to be a mother, and the next best gift is to give her child a sibling.”- Radhika

“Choice is yours”


I would also love to know about your latest wish for the last quarter of 2023. 

Wait for my new blog on how am I preparing myself for the second bundle of Joy. You can join the WhatsApp group here to stay updated.

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Pregyanam Helps You Achieve Your Pregnancy Goals


Pregyanam helps you achieve your pregnancy goals


Beginning of Motherhood – A Holistic Perspective


Book Name: Beginning of Motherhood – A Holistic Perspective

Genre: Self-help/Pregnancy/Motherhood

Author's Name: Dr. Rohit Dhingra (Co-founder of Pregayanam)

Publisher: Self-published

Shop Now , Kindle ebook

About the book:

An enlightening book, by an individual who has, through his experiences in life gained a piece of considerable knowledge in the field of Ayurveda and a modern understanding of health. After understanding how empowering true knowledge can be, he felt inspired and compelled to share his insights through this step-by-step guide on pregnancy. This book provides a unique opportunity for expecting women to gain information from the perspective of a parent as well as a health consultant.

The book will take you through:-

·       Well-organised Month-wise suggestions

·       Take your Nutritional supplements through diet

·       Garbhsanskar (Indian Practices+Modern Science)

·       Father’s role during pregnancy

  Delivery readiness:-

·       Know all about 18 Delivery positions

·       What to put in your delivery day kit

·       What are healthy birth practices

·       What are the signs of labour & and how to find comfort in labour

Post Delivery care:-

·       Diet & and lifestyle up to 6 months after delivery

·       Guide book on Baby care & Breastfeeding

·       Recipes of all types of food items to be taken

It is a treasure trove for curious individuals looking for authentic knowledge on pregnancy. The book would be a very useful tool for couples planning to conceive and individuals assisting others during pregnancy. The book covers diet, lifestyle tips and techniques, Ayurvedic medicines, natural effective remedies, delicious healthy recipes, water birthing and home births, pregnancy myths, pregnancy medication, and resources as well as tips for a healthier mind and lots more, all based on a holistic approach and the valued knowledge derived from traditional practices and modern science. A curated bank of knowledge is shared on all the phases of pregnancy to empower the reader on when to do what.

 Who the book is for?

For any expecting moms-to-be, or parents-to-be, looking forward to a holistic approach toward their pregnancy.


Author Radhika: Introduction about yourself, and what do you do?

Author Rohit: Dr.Rohit is basically a curious person. His curiosity for the world took him to Merchant Navy where for 10yrs he traveled through oceans and visited many countries. His inquiry into what is valuable to humans as a being and as a society led most of his journey as well as career choices. The idea of exploration, learning, and adventure excites him the most.


He is a practitioner of socially responsible living which is complimented through his informal education in Ayurveda and systemic study into developing human values. Dr.Rohit achieved his doctorate in Prenatal, Perinatal, and postpartum care and remains committed to practicing Indian traditional wisdom as he explores its miraculous gifts for pregnant couples.


Author Radhika: What inspired you to write "Beginnings of Motherhood"? Was there a personal experience or moment that sparked the idea for this book?


After Merchant Navy, Dr. Rohit co-founded Jamghat to work for the education, resettlement, and livelihood of street children in Delhi. He has been primarily involved in working with vulnerable groups of society for the past 20 years. He founded another organization, Advaya, to work to inculcate values in education like compassion, resilience, and considerate living.


In Dr. Rohit’s view, women are the cornerstone of the family. Hence, he founded Pregayanam - a pregnancy coaching service of support and care to empower her as she grows to be a mother. The team at Pregayanam is dedicated to pregnant couples who want a comfortable pregnancy and natural birthing. It is a healthcare service that provides hand-holding support on diet, lifestyle, and mental well-being. Unlike conventional birthing services, Pregayanam works with a couple (not only with the expectant) through wisdom derived from traditional Indian practices on care during pregnancy.


Author Radhika :What is Pregayanam? How "PEGAYANAM" is helping expecting couples?


Author Dr. Rohit: Pregyanam is inspired from word 'प्रज्ञान' which means 'किसी विषय या वस्तु का विशेष रूप से प्राप्त ज्ञान' i.e. specialised wisdom about a topic.

Pregyanam is a supplementary system of care and support for a family expecting to grow. The idea of Pregyanam was brought to life by families and couples who have benefited immensely from traditional wisdom, while they were pregnant. At Pregyanam, we embrace knowledge and Indian methods that are verifiable and can be practiced in an urban contemporary family.

We consider all the avenues of support that can be extended to a family that is going through pregnancy and we prioritize what the expecting mother and the baby needs above all else. In a lifestyle where choice tends to confuse rather than empower, it’s hard to do what is right. We therefore exclusively work with one couple at a time, to ensure that we, together with them choose the right path and have a pregnancy that is remembered for all the good reasons.


Pregyanam helps you achieve your pregnancy goals

1.   Trimester-specific lifestyle and exercises

Pregyanam offers individual tips on lifestyle for each month. In addition, we offer Exercise, Yoga, and Meditation sessions. All sessions are customized to keep one’s actions in harmony with your thoughts and to maintain that balance of progress, satisfaction, and enjoyment.

·       Each month of pregnancy has different exercise needs.

·       Our instructors are specially trained to guide pregnant couples in different stages of pregnancy.

·       For harmony within oneself and for relationships to thrive, a calm and composed mind is essential

2.   Create happiness and support within the family

Pregyanam understands the need and value of a support system required by a couple during pregnancy. Therefore we provide you with a certified relationship counsellor to speak to you and your family. Every couple needs an extra nudge to beautify their connection with each other, even more so during pregnancy

·       Mental wellness in self and stability within the couple

·       An expert in assisting couples in managing thoughts & and emotions.

3.   We deliver a healthy baby and a happy mother

The health of the baby and the Mother, who too is “born” at the moment of delivery, depends critically on diet, and lifestyle choices that have implications for the rest of their life. Therefore we provide all-round assistance through the following services up to 2 months post-delivery:-

·       Mother’s quick recovery and strength

·       Effective lactation

·       Critical diet and lifestyle choices post-delivery

·       Reducing the risk of postpartum depression.

4.   Peer-to-peer learning sessions

We believe interacting with couples who have been through the journey of pregnancy is extremely helpful. Therefore we hold monthly group sessions between experienced couples who have been through and those who currently are on this beautiful journey of pregnancy.

5.   Monthly customised diet plan

Pregyanam offers a Monthly Gyan Kosh which has month-wise diet suggestions sourced from Indian traditional texts and curated for an urban modern lifestyle.

·       Helps to remove dependence on supplements

·       Knowledge of what to expect

·       Suggested active lifestyle choices for the couple

Check out my review of the book here


Let’s discuss, any advice would you share with the new moms who are expecting? You can share your experiences in the comment box below.

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