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Book Review: Walking with your Child



Book: Walking with your child

Publisher: Notion press

Author: Seema Dhall

Genre: Non Fiction (Self-Help)

Pages: 209

Rating: 4.5*

Reading Time for the blog: 3 minutes

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Why Did I Choose This Book?



Every parent desire to see their kids grow smart and confident. The picture on the book cover captivated my attention where parents are walking with their kids through all the paths.


About The Book:

The book is divided into many small chapters based on a few short stories and the author's personal experience. The book is covering a lot of topics from which a few of my favorite are:

1.   Types of parenting on page no. 23

2.   How and why to discipline your child on page no. 95

3.   How to handle the struggles of life? On page no. 147

4.   What is the need to understand yourself as a parent etc. on page no. 201

Each chapter has its significance which is advisable to all the parents.


About the Author: Seema Dhall


The author is a homemaker and has teaching experience of sixteen years. She has written her first book based on her both personal and professional experience.


She has put in her best efforts in writing this book. The author herself understands how the role of parenting in an individual’s growth plays a crucial role in their life. So, in the same way she wants to help all the parents in their parenthood journey of life.


How Is This Book Helpful?


The book throws light on how to raise a smart and confident kid. We as parents cannot always be there for them. But we can give them the best guidance to walk confidently on the journey of their life. This book works as a guiding path for the parents on “how to walk with your kid at every phase of their life”.


Who the Book Is For?

For all the parents and teachers who want to play the best role in their kid’s life. Undoubtedly, those parents want to be remembered in their kid’s thoughts once they’re grown up. They’ll appreciate all the efforts that parents put into while raising them .


What were my Emotions while I was Going Through This Book?

Being a new and first-time parent, I am always conscious of doing the best for my kid. Sometimes, parenting makes me feel scared about whether I’ll be able to do justice to my parenting or not. But this book has helped in getting clarification about the parenting journey. It’s not done in a night but it takes so many years to get the best results.

Every single word gave me goosebumps and hope in raising a smart kid.

Learnings From The Book:

  • How to raise a sensitive kid
  • How parenting is the biggest concern nowadays
  •  Parenting is not one night job, it takes many years
  •   Have a happy-lucky-go attitude
  • How to be with kids at every stage of their life.


We as parents need to put  our child’s desires first before our own selfish needs.

So, What’re You Waiting For?

I appreciate the author’s efforts towards this book for new parents like me who need advice at every step. She has conveyed her message clearly to all the parents via this book. The Parenting journey is a long process. So, parents, make sure that you’re putting in the best efforts.


This is one of the best books I’ve read in 2020. I feel blessed to fulfill my mind with so much knowledge about parenting. I feel that the author has put in her heart to the fullest in the book to make us aware of the unknown facts of parenting. With the year ending and with a great zeal for welcoming the new year, I’m ready to challenge myself a little more in the journey of parenting?

 Are you ready?

 If not, then

 Click on the link to order the book now. Don’t forget to make your parenting smarter with the help of this book.

Happy Parenting!

Let's discuss what "Positive Parenting" means to you?

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  1. A big thank you. Really appreciate the way you have described my book. The best review I could ever get.

  2. It sounds very good. Thank you for sharing this topic. I don't have any children but I know it is a topic of great concern among those who do. I have kittens so I need a book in how to raise smart kittens! LOL.