Friday, June 2, 2023

5 Strategies to Rediscover Your Love for Yourself

 5 Strategies to Rediscover Your Love for Yourself

5 Strategies to Rediscover Your Love for Yourself



Someone wise once said, "If you love yourself, you can love anyone in the world." We have been programming our thoughts from birth. We respect elders and listen to our parents/teachers, but how often do we consider practicing self-love? It appears to be a difficult task. Isn't that right? It's time to keep thinking about others, such as family, parents, children, colleagues, and spouses. But now it's time to consider yourself. It's time to prioritize yourself.

Why do we neglect to spend time with ourselves?


Here are five techniques to practice self-love.


1.   1. Define what's holding you back 


Everything becomes a lot easier once we realize what the problem is. What do you think is really keeping you from liking yourself? Why aren't you making it a priority? Try to come up with a solution while sitting quietly.


2.   2. Heal yourself


Every day, there are so many things going on around us. When things appear to be a mess, we become upset. The tone of our interactions hurts us. There are also unforeseen occurrences that we encounter. You should set aside some time for yourself to thoroughly recuperate. What do you enjoy the most? It's time to figure out what your areas of interest are. You should strive to spend at least one hour per day doing something you enjoy. It could be reading a book, writing, meditating, painting, dancing, or planning a vacation, among other things. You'll discover how to make your soul happy, and you'll heal naturally. Let go of the past and embark on a new journey every day.



   3. Learn to say 'No'


We constantly make time to assist others. But we frequently forget that we are our own priority. I understand that saying no to others may be difficult for some, but it will benefit you. You should not overthink things, and you should respect your time. If you make time for self-love, you'll have more time to do the things you want to do.



4.   4. Set Goals


It is, once again, the most crucial component. Knowing what your short-term and long-term goals are is the first step in practicing self-love. Setting goals will assist you in achieving your objectives. It will keep you motivated at every stage. To get things done, create a vision board and see it every day.



5.   5. Let it GO


Finally, but not least. Self-love is not selfish, but it is required. It is necessary to let go of the negative belief that self-love is unattainable. Nothing like that exists. Everything is achievable if you do it from the bottom of your heart. Simply trying to make up your mind will show you how things are changing for the better.

Here are a few affirmations to remind yourself to practice Self-Love.

  • I am worthy of love just for being who I am.
  • Love is a birthright for each and every one of us, me included.
  • I am enough.
  • I am deserving of contentment, joy, and peace.
  • I deserve to feel happy and full of life.
  • I belong here.
  • I am kind to others and inspire others to be kind and that feels great.
  • I believe in my goodness.


You can read the most well-known book "You can Heal Your life" by Louis Hay. Also, "I Love Myself" by Vandana Sehgal is one of my favorite novels. 


Please share in the comments section below: How do you show yourself, love? What do you appreciate about yourself? What else are you doing to love yourself endlessly? 

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  1. I learned to love myself much later in my life. We were born in an era where sacrifice and responsibility were big virtues so we were expected to always to put others' happiness before ours. Your post would make people understand how important it is to put yourself first to be happier.

  2. Self love is very important to have a quality of life. We cannot live for others all the time. That is compromise. And while doing it, we tell ourselves that we are not worthy enough to think about ourselves or our needs don't not matter much. Prioritizing what we need in our life will make it more sane.

  3. Self Love is the biggest strength one can have, if you love yourself you can love everyone around and spread happiness. I am happy to read such wonderful pointers.

  4. At 57, I discovered the importance of self-love. I was taught that it meant being selfish, but now I believe it's necessary to love ourselves to love others. Your pointers resonated with me and align with my newfound understanding. I had to transform my values and embrace self-love. It's been transformative, and I'm grateful for the positive changes it brought. Thank you for sharing such on-target pointers. It's never too late to embrace self-love and experience its benefits.

  5. Self Love is a constant battle for me. Luckily ive learned its importance early in life and maybe by the time im 50, ill have it down!

  6. Self love is very very important and if we fail to love self then honestly we are not loving anyone. Those who say I love my family or XYZ more than me... I feel like nothing can be a big lie than this.... we love those who are connected with us, so we love self first and then others who are linked to us. Neglecting self is not going to take us anywhere

  7. Self love is a term that's been gaining a lot of traction recently. I dedicate separate me time to spend time with myself. I also make sure to put myself first before everyone else