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Book Name: Dogboy v Catfish
Author Name: Luke Gracias
No. of Pages: 247
Genre: Suspense, Crime Fiction, and Thriller

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The story presents an engaging and suspenseful story centered around Katherine Fisher, also known as 'Catfish,' and her loud journey on the day of her second wedding. The story takes an unexpected turn when Catfish, intending to secure a divorce settlement from her husband, Lindsay 'Dogboy' Kramer, discovers he has disappeared completely without a trace and finds herself caught in a web of deceit and danger.

As the police dig into the investigation surrounding Dogboy's disappearance, the narrative takes a gripping turn which delves into the sinister illegal activities such as counterfeit designer goods, money laundering, and drug smuggling. The stakes rise as Dogboy's assets are frozen and the mob enters the scene, determined to protect their own interests. The missing person’s case gradually transforms into a full-fledged homicide investigation, increasing the pressure on Catfish to obtain Dogboy's assets before the authorities close in on her, leaving readers in full tension.

As they ponder the crucial question: Is Dogboy alive or dead? The story maintains a steady pace, ensuring that the reader remains fully engaged t and on the edge of their seats throughout.

The author employs a simple yet effective approach, making the story easily understandable for readers of various backgrounds. The plot unfolds with clarity, allowing the readers to follow the events without confusion.

The character of Catfish, with her determined aim of financial gain, adds an intriguing layer to the story. While her actions may not always draw out sympathy, her motivations and firmly continuing drive make her a compelling protagonist. The supporting cast is equally well-developed, with each character serving a purpose in driving the plot forward.

The themes of greed, deception, betrayal, and the consequences of one's choices are explored throughout the novel. As Catfish navigates through a dangerous and morally ambiguous world, readers are invited to think about the complexities of human nature and the lengths people will go to protect their interests.

It paints a vivid picture of a dangerous underworld, filled with shady characters and high-stakes situations. It is fast-paced, with each chapter ending on a cliffhanger, making it difficult to put the book down.

Overall, it s an entertaining read that combines elements of mystery, suspense, and crime. It keeps readers guessing until the final pages, wondering if Dogboy is dead or alive and what the consequences will be for Catfish.

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  1. Wow.. I love such reads where there is a surprising and what’s next element in each chapter. I would like to read this book to know what happens. May be I will download it for my India flight.

  2. Thank you so much for the book Review and reccomendation. However much I enjoy suspense novels, I read at night. Just hope I get my hands on it quick.

  3. Your review of "Dogboy versus Catfish" is a captivating glimpse into an intriguing conflict. The clash between Dogboy and Catfish seems to promise an exciting and engaging storyline. I'm enthused to delve into this book and witness the thrilling showdown between these two characters. Thanks for sharing this enticing review!

  4. Murder investigations are the surest way to keep the reader hooked. The characters have such interesting names - Catfish and Dogboy !
    Your review gives me the impression that this will be one thrilling read.

  5. Your review is really good. I've read this one as well. Its a good one.

  6. From twisted plots to clever clues, the 'whodunnit' genre captivates with its mysterious allure and Dogboy v Catfish seems to fit this perfectly. Would like to check it out.

  7. The title of the book is interesting. Suspense stories are always a thrill to read, and your review is compelling me to pick this book for my next read. Thank you for sharing such a detailed review!

  8. Thanks for sharing this review of the book! The story sounds suspenseful and full of twists. I'm intrigued by the mysterious disappearance of Dogboy and the dangerous world Catfish finds herself in. It seems like a thrilling read that will keep me on the edge of my seat until the very end. I can't wait to get my hands on it!

  9. Wow, this book seems to have taken every plot twist imaginable and then woven it into the narrative very nicely. The story is gripping and the fast-paced kind I like to read.

  10. Finally got to read the review of this Book of Luke Gracias... I am quite habituated reading the works of this author and this is the third book of him. If I compare his previous two works with this one I will say that I found it to be more crisp, captivating and compact read for me. Suspense/thriller is something which I call my first love when it comes to reading genres.

  11. Crime novels are my thing and this one here combining elements fo suspense definitely irques to add to my reading list

  12. Thank you for your thoughtful review of my book. Author Luke Gracias