Monday, July 20, 2020

One is blessed to have a brother like you

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One is blessed to have a brother like you

I was flipping through our old album pics while sipping a cup of coffee. I was wondering how time has passed in the blink of an eye. We used to hold each other's fingers and went to school.  when he used to sit on the backside of my bicycle and rush towards the school saying “come on di..move fast, we’re getting late for school.

There are unforgettable incidents where we cooked together. Undoubtedly, he makes amazing pasta and sandwiches. I learned those dishes from him only. After my marriage, I miss our time on the dining table when we used to share our common dishes like having sandwiches, tea and chole bhature and our all-time favorite special lemonade prepared in soda water, etc. 

I remember those days when I used to make plans to surprise our mother with small gifts and he used to run and bring them all with excitement and to pack everything together and give it to mom. That was the feeling none other than like “an award-winning” moment when our mother appreciated our little efforts for her. How can I forget those college days when he used to pick me up. Later while coming back from office. And, of course! not forgetting, sometimes, I made him wait for me so long. However, he taught me how to drive a two-wheeler but my bad luck! I never showed the willingness to learn and never paid attention to it but he put on his best efforts to teach me.

Time has flown up quickly. He, who was known to be the naughtiest among all the family members now has become a responsible one. He has turned into a mature and wiser person now to handle business responsibilities to be shared with our father and handling household tasks. Whenever I talk to him, he is the one who advises me on how to do things and about the latest trends related to gadgets in the market. He is the younger one in the family but his suggestions are being appreciated by everyone. He takes care of everyone and never misses a chance to surprise everyone and makes the environment more lively with a joyful personality.

He used to spend time with our grandfather by chatting with him, by communicating about his daily routine and life, etc. He helps Mumma in the kitchen by serving dishes and other household chores. He spends time with papa by playing guitar such as papa loves to sing and record his audio. He is the one who is more excited to meet me now rather than my parents, where we share many things in detail, and yes! We go on a drive along with my daughter who just feels excited by saying “ghumi ghumi” The last but not the least, the relationship with his brother-in-law is more like a friend, they spend good quality time whenever they meet like partying, playing cards together, playing table-tennis, and polo, etc.

Not even a  single chance is missed by him from making everyone laugh. And, this is what i really admire about him.

If there’s someone whom I missed the most  after my marriage, then he is the one.

He is the one who cried the most in my vidaai, 

he is the one who missed snacks made by me, 

he is the one who missed teasing me.

Nevertheless, despite many fights, we still have our “attachment theory”. No matter how much we fight or argue but in the end, we have mutual respect.  As we grow up, we, the brother and the sister have a little room in each other’s hearts. 

I wish you all the love, happiness and success in the world. May you meet the love of your life soon.

Now, Raksha Bandhan Celebrating on August 3 (Monday),2020 is the time to reflect on the bond we shared. It’s time to cherish all the childhood memories spent together.


It’s time to recount our blessings and to share those funny experiences with our bhabhi and jija who’re new additions to the family just to make them laugh. May the brother and the sister relationship be always special. 

May all the brothers and the sisters in the world share the bond always.


Friday, July 3, 2020

Yes! It's been Three Years of Togetherness

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I woke up in the middle of the night and looked at the phone,

 realizing it’s June 29, 2020 today.

It's our third anniversary today. A special one because this time, 

we’ll be celebrating it with our 17 months old princess.

I got excited and was rewinding all the memories from where it all started. It still feels like our first anniversary which was full of excitement, happiness, positive vibes n blessings. 

Like any other girl, I was also excited about my process to find the idle boy of my life. I still remember those days when my parents asked me to be prepared to meet the boy the next day. In excitement along with the nervousness. 
somehow I and my family managed to prepare all my things from clothing accessories to make up many questions were in my mind like what would be their reaction after seeing me, what expectations did they have of being an ideal Indian bahu, whether I will be suitable to their family or not? but I was confident. I was prepared..because that was the time to get married and settle down. I prepared my mind for it.
But everything went well from the meeting point; both families interacted with each other and the boy on the first day. 
Yes! I and the boy got less time to know each other well. Thus, we decided to meet the next day at the cyber hub. We wanted to meet to discuss our future goals, likes, and dislikes, to see if we match the compatibility or not, whether we will be able to understand each other or not?
We are in the middle of doubts and confusion. We decided to give time and attention to each other in terms of fulfilling all the requirements to avoid any dispute or distraction in the future. We spent about 5 to 6 hrs with each other clarifying all our doubts. In the end, we both came to the conclusion but we didn't show our emotions but our heart knew it was “yes”.
There was a feeling that we have found our soulmate.
Fingers crossed! I always dreamt of finding my dream man who should be soft-spoken, a good decision-maker, and enjoy life to the fullest.yes! My heart knew I have found the perfect man of my dream.thanks god for showering your blessings or grateful to god.
After reaching home and discussing with our parents, the confirmation was done from both the families in a moment.
Our heart was beating a little faster, a new life would start by. Everyone was excited and got busy getting calls from relatives for all their best wishes. That was the moment to be cherished forever. the parents had tears of joy.
Everyone was happy.
This is also one of the best reasons for our parents to smile that they’re delighted because of us.
We had 5 months of break from the Roka ceremony to our marriage in which we got enough time to plan out everything. It was very hot but the excitement was more than heat. We continuously sipped our lemonade and allowed ourselves to enjoy the shopping, to plan for the pre-wedding shoot(on deciding the venues, costumes, props, themes, etc), mehndi functions, bhaat function, ring ceremony and the D-day I.e our wedding, everything went well as per the planning. Only a girl can understand how much courage it takes to leave her home/to say goodbye to the family with whom we have spent many years but now going into a new family and accepting their cultures for the life ahead.
Thanks to god.  I’m blessed with supportive in-laws who never made me realize that I'm the new member here in their family. I was provided with all the facilities and was taken care of well.
I always dreamt of finding my dream man who should be soft-spoken, a good decision-maker, and enjoy life to the fullest.yes! I have found the perfect man of my dreams. Thanks to god for showering the blessings upon me.
Everything seemed so beautiful. who doesn't love to be pampered being a new daughter-in-law who is always treated with new sweet dishes, roaming around here and there. We all knew this was the phase where we all were spending time with each other to understand and to accept the way we are. things were going fantastic.
Gone are those days when a sister in law was known for back bitching but nowadays they're more like a friend. so, I'm again blessed here. They’re like sisters and always make the environment happier with their presence. 
My husband and I explored many new places, restaurants, events in New Delhi in the first year of marriage and time passed away in the blink of an eye. It was our first anniversary which we celebrated in the roseate resort, nh8, gurugram. We stayed there overnight and explored it, spent time well with each other. this was again cherry on top of the cake.
Now, after the first-anniversary celebration, another fresh year started with new blessings.
yes! I am expecting by now. We're pregnant.  Everyone was overwhelmed by the news and we were nervous to be a first-time parent. how would we manage all these things, we were not sure whether it was the right time or not but with our family support we went all through it beautifully. The trimesters were mixed with different emotions but it was all forgotten once the baby arrived. yes! we're blessed with a baby girl who just looks like her papa. Hahaha!
Every moment is beautiful when you're with your newborn. you just look at him/her that how these tiny hands, toes, little fingers mark their presence in our lives and we feel empty without them once they enter our life. It's rightly said by someone that the blessed are those whose first baby is a daughter. This makes sense to me now when I have one.
Relationships are supposed to have ups and downs in our life after having a baby, we get less time to spend with the partner as more of time is being demanded by the baby. But we learn to manage it with time. both the partners and the family put an equal effort to understand each other and adjust accordingly. 
An anniversary is a time to cherish all the moments and the time spent together and make a fresh beginning with a new perspective. 
yes! one shouldn't forget how blessed we are with our life partner and always appreciate n count on your blessings. This anniversary is the perfect day to count on blessings, to have respect for each other, and to appreciate each other's values, accept the imperfections and ignore them.
let the adventure of life be enjoyed together.
“life is beautiful together”
it's okay to have a little argument but in the end, he/she is the one whom we look up to.
Now, my 17months  princess, she entertains us by her dancing moves, by following us, by making different voices and doing unexpected funny things. We feel blessed every day by just looking at her. My princess has planned many things to surprise my husband and her father.
Eagerly waiting to watch his reactions on our surprise!!!
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Monday, June 22, 2020


Publisher: Hesten
Author: Devika Das
Genre: Non Fiction (Self-Help)
Pages: 203
Rating: 5*
Reading Time for the blog: 5 minutes

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Paperback book

It’s rightly said by someone “that the mind is everything” if it is under our control. Don’t let the mind control us. We know as human beings we’re overwhelmed by our own emotions i.e., happiness, sadness, excitement, etc.

These emotions keep on changing every second depending on the situation. This is very natural for any human being to get angry and to show their different emotions but sometimes when we face emotions like anger, anxiety, stress, and depression; all we feel is that we’re all alone and burst it out in anger which ends up messing up with our image and character.

But this book has caught the attention because of its title “the mind game” which is very captivating and goes well with the contents.

Let us also know a little about the author, the author Devika Das is an award-winning author and poet. Her first book “7 vows of marriage” was published on amazon kindle and the second book is “the mind game” in which she explains how we can master our emotions.

The author has described each section beautifully and in detail how we can manage relationships, manage anger, manage stress, and anger management. We play different roles in our life every day with everyone. It is required to understand each other's values. Thus, how can we capture our divine happiness? What are some tips to be followed to fall in love with ourselves again? Why do we get worried and how can we make it better?

please stop for a moment!

Ask yourself!

What emotion are you having while reading this blog? 

Happy? Sad? Angry? Stress? frustration?

If you are facing any issue related to your mental health then this book is the right pick for you.

calm down!

In today's scenario, stress and depression have become a big topic to talk about whereas, after Sushant Rajput's demise, everyone is talking about these topics. yes! This book makes us understand how to overcome it. one must practice this if facing innumerable dilemmas in daily life.

Everyone is busy running the rat race in meeting their own deadlines etc. we tend to forget that we need to take care of our mental health with physical, social, and intellectual health. we need to understand that If it is not handled well, it can cause us a serious problem.

Every action has an equal or opposite reaction. A human being has a reaction to everything whether it's positive or negative. But not forgetting, everything can be worked if we want to. Like in this book, the author has mentioned about six sections and each section covering its own chapters.

  1. Emotions:- how can we express them.

  2. Analyzing people:- respect an individual’s personality

  3. Live better with less:- self-satisfaction is must

  4. Go happy, go-lucky:- capturing divine happiness

  5. Angry:- speak up

  6. A happy workplace:- how the environment affects us.

Learning from the book:

  1. Never forget to express your feelings when you’re happy.

  2. Always speak out when your heart is full of emotional baggage.

  3. Stop criticizing, accept the challenges.

  4. Anger can be managed by not reacting harshly at the moment.

  5. Self-introspection is a must to master our own emotions.

  6. Happiness is a state of mind which is directly connected with our inner self.

  7. Develop high EQ (emotional quotient) in terms of self-awareness, self-management, social skills, physical health, mental health, and relationship, etc.

This is one of the best self-improvement books which I’ve come across. This book has helped me in improving my emotional stability. I am the one who gets short-tempered easily and faces severe mood swings. I didn't respond appropriately to what the other person was saying but intended to reply which created a mess and ended up arguing at the end.

This book has shifted my focus towards more on a positive attitude. To follow how anger can be managed, check out page no. 153 and 154 from the book. In my opinion, please don't read this book like a story but instead give your time and attention to the book.

Make sure that you put your best efforts in understanding the concept of each chapter, what it is actually conveying, and analyzing it in your daily life to get the best. This is definitely in my to-read list again for a more in-depth detailed understanding.

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Paperback book

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Friday, June 19, 2020

Try out these breathing exercises on this International Yoga Day

On this International Yoga day i.e. on June 21st,2020. Let us focus on breathing exercises while performing different yoga poses which increases our strength and flexibility. We all know as and when a baby arrives in this world, the first thing a baby does is to ‘breath’ and that first breath is nature’s purest sign of life that we see. Breathing is of course what we do every second and every day of our life. And deep breathing adds a valuable role in our life and every cell in our body gets recharged after deep breathing. Let us see what are the health benefits of doing this.

Deep breathing helps in:

  • Connecting with our body which takes away all the stress and worries.
  • Improving physical as well as mental health.
  • To stay calm which gives clarity in our thoughts.
  • Calming our nervous system.
  • Improving the lungs and digestive system and providing the required oxygen to the brain.
  • Feeling rejuvenated and enhancing our inner beauty.



1. First, sit in a comfortable position.

2. The spine should be straight. You can sit on the couch but best is to sit on a yoga mat.

3. There shouldn't be any kind of distraction while maintaining this posture.

4. Keep your facial muscles loose. 

1. Bhramari:- means the goddess of a honeybee. (A two-minute exercise)     

  • Allow your eyes to be closed with the tips of your forefingers and close your ears too with the help of your thumb.
  • Now slowly inhale deeply and while exhaling tries to make the 'hmmm' sound without opening the mouth (Also known as bee breathing technique).
  • Try to maintain a focus on this “Hmmm” sound and feel its vibration deeply.
  • Do this 3 times at a minimum.

 Note: Before opening your eyes, you have to rub your hands gently for a minimum of 30 seconds which will create energy known as ‘heat energy’ and place your hands all over your body parts and then open your eyes slowly.

2.  Aum (OM) chanting:- ( a three-minute exercise)

Aum is the universal sound. This mantra is known as the most effective method of meditation. This represents the power of the highest vibrations. One feels relaxed and stress-free after feeling its pure form of vibration. ‘OM’ is the short form of ‘AUM’.

  • It activates our root chakra. This is done with Gyan mudra but to gain more benefit, this can be done with pran mudra as well. Doing meditation with these mudras helps us to increase our concentration power.
  • Allow your eyes to close and make a sound with the word ‘O’ and feel its vibration.
  • You’ll feel a sense of vibration in your abdominal area.
  • Repeat this three times.
  • You can end this by saying ‘Shanti’ 3 times.

 Note: It purifies the environment and soothes our nervous system.

Out of our 24hrs of the busy schedule, we can take just 5 minutes to do these exercises which will help us to stay calm and more focussed. Believe me! You’ll feel more energetic after doing this and with its regular practice, it can be noticed that one has become more calm and lively. 

These breathing exercises must be included in our daily workout routine. let us know which all breathing exercises you do everyday to balance the energy system of the body.

If you liked it, you can share it with others. You never know but you might help someone.

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Monday, June 15, 2020

Gift ideas for Father's Day 2020

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“Don’t forget to express your love to your Father”

Father’s day is soon approaching and there are so many ways to show our love by varieties of gifts but very few options are available as we know it because of the lockdown. It might be difficult to go outside and to shop for your father. But don’t worry! We’re here with a few ideas on how to make it special even within your budget and personality. They’ll arrive at your doorstep before the day arrives. This year, father’s day will be celebrated on June 21 (Sunday), 2020.

Do you want to gift your dad? looking for the best option available?

What do you think your father likes the most?

Books? Accessories? Technology? watching movies? music? cooking? etc.

He might not tell you this but you’re the one who knows him the best. Ask these questions and figure it out yourself what’s gonna suit him the best for a perfect token of love on this father’s day.

Books in mind

  • Confessions of the World's Best Father

An amazing read for new fathers or soon to be fathers. The book has many vibrant pictures that new fathers can easily relate to. The funny pictures show the relation between the father and the daughter how they spent time with each other and cherished every moment. If You're blessed with a daughter then You’ll enjoy reading this book, calling to all the new fathers, and soon to be to check out this book. Give it a try.

  • Daddy by Tarun S Sinha

Mother is not the one who understands the child but a father equally puts an effort to understand the child's behavior. The book is a combination of many things like it’ll make you laugh and cry both. This book is based on fatherhood who share their tips, advice, suggestions, and advice from pediatrician and child psychologists. The author shares about his upbringing with his father as to how they deal with behavioral issues which shouldn’t have been ignored by any parent. Again a must-read book for new fathers who can prepare themselves in advance on how to deal with their precious child.

  • Dude! You’re gonna be a dad by John Pfeiffer

A man must support his lady not throughout her pregnancy days but till the delivery is attempted. This book throws light on how a man who is soon to be a dad is supposed to become a little more responsible. The book is highly recommendable to all new and soon to be fathers that how can they surprise their wife and do their best to prepare their mind in advance. There are many takeaway key points for new fathers.

These books can be gifted to any dad on this coming special occasion.

Love for Accessories

If your father is the one who has a love for accessories and If he likes watches and sunglasses, then, check out this brand cameriifashion

It’s an Indian based brand and is the most popular among Indian youth.

Brand: Camerii

They’ve many varieties of fashion accessories such as watches and sunglasses with many colors and features available with the latest trends. The men watches are very stylish with a heavy big dial, a day and date watch, and a chronograph watch available at an affordable price, etc.

Brand: Camerii

This brand has got some cool aviators, UV protected sunglasses as well, etc.
You can grab their products before the stock ends.

Love DIY cards

A card is another way to show your pure emotions to your father. You can express your emotions on the card by doing your creativity and making it a special one for him. You can check DIY to get some ideas.

Love for Baking

Does your father have a sweet tooth? then you should try out this recipe. The recipes explain a healthy cookie that is rich in fiber and doesn’t include any kind of refined flour, eggs, oil, etc., the recipe can be made within 30 minutes.

For Serving (10 cookies)


Oats powder:1/4 cup (roasted and blended)

Rolled Oats: 2tbsp (roasted)

Wheat Flour: 1/4 cup

Salt: a pinch

Baking soda: 1/4 tsp

Jaggery powder: 2tbsp

Honey: 2tbsp

Unsalted butter: 2tbsp

Milk: 2tbsp (if required to make the batter smooth)

How to make it:

Mix all the dry ingredients together and keep aside.

Add Unsalted butter and jaggery powder together and mix it well.

now, add dry ingredients into wet ingredients.

The texture shouldn't be hard nor very soft.

Baking Temperature:

Preheat OTG: 10minutes

Mode: Convection

Time: 15minutes

let it be cool on the grill and now it's ready to eat.

A Movie Date

Being a responsible citizen of our Country India, it becomes our responsibility to not to go outside unnecessarily. We should avoid going out and stay at home as much as possible. Watching a movie at home is never a bad idea but the most appreciated ones, for this, you can plan it to get the feel of a theatre-like already deciding in advance which movie are you going to watch, options can be chosen from Netflix, amazon prime, Hotstar, Alt Balaji, etc. , making pop-corn or any of your favorite snacks, Having chilled beer or any type of beverage with it. Dimming the light and sitting with everyone will make it worth watching.

Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

These are in trend nowadays. However, they’re comfortable and light-weighted. Check this out which has features available like magnetic charger, inbuilt mic, 100 hours standby, and waterproof. It’s very much comfortable.

You can check out for more personalized gift items too like a coffee mug, name on a pen, a t-shirt, a photo frame, a nameplate, etc.

Let us also know how you are making this father’s day special.